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A Sweet Taste Of Autumn - Häagen-Dazs Hanamochi Kuri An Ice Cream

A Sweet Taste Of Autumn - Häagen-Dazs Hanamochi Kuri An Ice Cream

Translated by Greg

Written by MATCHA-PR

2020.09.29 Bookmark

Häagen-Dazs Japan's Hanamochi series—featuring mochi-covered ice cream—goes on sale starting September 29, 2020. The new Kuri An flavor contains popular fall ingredients like white bean paste and chestnut. Savor the sophisticated flavor and the fall mood this frozen treat will inspire.

Celebrate Fall's Arrival with Hanamochi Kuri An

Häagen-Dazs Japan Kuri An

Autumn is the season of harvest. Juicy fruit, honey-like sweet potatoes, and chestnuts containing just the right amount of sweetness, are in-season. This is a happy time of the year for foodies and those with a sweet tooth.

To celebrate the fall season, Häagen-Dazs Japan is introducing the mini cup Hanamochi Kuri An on September 29, 2020.

This is the newest addition to the Hanamochi series inspired by the luxurious tastes of Japanese-style sweets. It will be going on sale along with the Hanamochi Ginsen Kinako Kuromitsu that was very popular in 2019.

In this article, we introduce the Hanamochi Kuri An and hear the thought of a MATCHA staff member who gave this dessert a taste test.

Hanamochi Kuri An: An Extravagant Flavor

Häagen-Dazs Japan Kuri An

When you remove the lid from the Hanamochi Kuri An mini cup, the first thing you will see is powdered sugar sitting atop soft mochi and the kuri chestnut topping.

On your first spoonful of this delectable treat, you'll immediately notice the fragrance and sweetness of the chestnuts. The flavor's determining factor is the moderately-sweet shiro an ice cream.

Shiro an is a paste made by crushing white beans and shirohana beans. The shiro an ice cream also contains chestnut sauce, resulting in a sophisticated, balanced taste that brings autumn to mind.

It's Just Like Eating Japanese Sweets!

Häagen-Dazs Japan Kuri An

We asked Ramona (MATCHA's English editor) for her thoughts after she tried this ice cream.

She commented that the mochi was soft and that she wanted to stretch it out with her spoon to enjoy the visual first.

After taking her first bite, she commented, "This is so delicious! It's surprising how well the shiro an flavors go with the ice cream. The chestnut sauce is a tasty addition, giving this a dessert a mellow and complex flavor."

Häagen-Dazs Japan Kuri An

Ramona also commented that when she was eating this ice cream it reminded her of kuri mochi (a Japanese sweet combining chestnut and mochi).

Her final impressions were: "This ice cream has the flavors of traditional Japanese sweets, so I think it would go well with sencha green tea. It would probably also go well with coffee. Enjoying this conjures up images of fall, so I'd like to sit on a park bench and savor this treat as I take in the foliage."

The Hanamochi Kuri An ice cream, filled with its refined chestnut flavors, will be on store shelves along with Hanamochi Ginsen Kinako Kuromitsu starting September 29, 2020.

This is the latest addition to the Hanamochi series, so get ready to indulge this uniquely autumn flavor!

Photos by Monami I
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