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Sumida Park: Three Reasons to Visit This Little-Known Spot in Asakusa

Sumida Park: Three Reasons to Visit This Little-Known Spot in Asakusa

Translated by Shinji Takaramura

Written by Keisuke Yamada

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Asakusa has many attractions besides famous sightseeing spots. This article is about the little-known Sumida Park.

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Asakusa? Most people may say Sensoji, or Kaminarimon.

But Asakusa has many attractions besides those famous sightseeing spots. This article is about Sumida Park. It isn't listed on any guidebooks, only the local people know about the park, but it's a popular spot.

What is "Sumida Park"?

Sumida Park is located along the Sumida River, which flows through Tokyo. Many people gather here to enjoy the cherry blossoms in the spring, and to view fireworks in summer.

There is also a boarding place for the "Tokyo Cruise," a water bus that runs between the Asakusa and Odaiba area, so the park can be enjoyed in many ways.

Most of the time, you can find locals taking a stroll in the park, or the people working in the nearby areas come here to take a break.

Reason No.1: The One-and-Only Photo Spot

About 100 meters from the park entrance, which is located near the "Tokyo Cruise" boarding place, a strange, white monument comes into view.

Step closer, and you can see several holes in the monument.

Choose an opening that matches your height, and take a look inside. A strange world, with plants, the sky, and the Tokyo Skytree, appears before you.

This view makes you think that you're an insect or a small animal looking upward through the grass.

A photograph from this spot will be a one-and-only, unique shot.

Reason No.2: You Can Have Coffee Or Beer, In the Park

There is a famous coffee franchise stationed inside the park. The Tokyo Skytree can be seen from its terrace seats, so this is an ideal place to take a break while sightseeing in Asakusa.

The cafe next door has beer, so it's convenient if you're thirsty, or just want to sit down and chat.

Reason No.3: A Wooden Outdoor Recreational Facility

Further inside the park, there is a wooden outdoor recreational facility. If you happen to visit the park with kids, this is the place to go. Toilet facilities are also nearby, so there's no need to worry.

Incidentally, there is a baseball field and a tennis court inside the park, but reservations are required. And you will also need proper clothing, so the recreational facility should be just fine for visitors.


Taito Ward Sumida Park

Address: 1-1, Hanakawado, Taito Ward, Tokyo
Telephone: 03-5246-1321 (Culture and Tourist Information Section, Taito Ward Office)

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