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Narita Transit Program - Discover Authentic Japan During A Layover

Narita Transit Program - Discover Authentic Japan During A Layover

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During a layover at Narita Airport, you can make the most of your time by taking part in a sightseeing tour! The Narita Airport Transit & Stay Program can now be used also by travelers who stay at the hotels in the Narita Airport area!

Narita Airport Transit Tour application counter

The layover is a natural part of traveling by plane, allowing both people and planes alike to refuel before moving on to their final destinations.

If you happen to be touching down in Narita for just a brief period of time it is possible to get a short and sweet taste of Japan without leaving the airport.

But, if your layover is longer than four hours, you may just find yourself running out of things to do. So what alternative is there to shopping and naps? Let's take a look at the Narita Transit Program.

Transit Tour - the Best Use of Your Time in a Layover


If you have the time and the option of obtaining a tourist visa, it may be worth your while to step out and do some exploring. But, considering the stress of sorting out your luggage, navigating unfamiliar transit and so on, plus worrying about catching your next flight, you might find it understandably hard to focus on enjoying the sights.

Especially being in a new country with a different language!

The Transit Tour was conceived as a means to answer this need: they will help coordinate visitors with destinations, and get them on the bus if need be to get them there and back. All this without leaving the secure vicinity of Narita Airport.

Since you are being provided with a tried and tested schedule you need to worry about time either - especially considering that everything runs on time in Japan.

You Can Have a Genuine Japanese Experience with the Transit Tour

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Narita International Airport is Japan's largest airport and is best suited to offer this type of tour program.

The Narita Transit Program began two years ago, on March 1st, 2015.

More and more people are passing through Japan without actually being able to make a memorable experience of their time here, so this tour program began as a means of giving these visitors a taste of what Japan has to offer, in the hopes of encouraging them to visit again when they can stay longer.

Therefore, the tours have been structured to give a preview of Japanese traditional attractions, shopping, nature, and more - all near Narita International Airport.

Since March 2017, these transit tours have been changed into a new service called "Narita Transit & Stay Program", which can be used not only by the travelers on a layover but also by persons staying at the hotels in the Narita Airport area. You can make your reservations RIGHT HERE!

You Can Choose From 8 Tour Courses

Tour landscape

Photo by Takafumi Oshio


Photo by Takafumi Oshio

Tour landscape 2

Photo by Nobuyo Takayanagi

Tour landscape 1

Photo by N Koizumi

Tour landscape 5

Photo by Katsuya Tanaka

Tour landscape 6

Photo by Katsuya Tanaka

The Narita Transit & Stay Program offers two main types of tour programs to meet the needs of travelers.

1. Guided Tours

A guide, provided free of charge, will accompany you and explain the details about the individual places you visit along the way. The guide also provides an extra sense of security since you will not need to worry about getting lost or being late. There are three guided tour packages from which to choose:

① Narita Course: A Tour of Naritasan Shinshoji Temple
This tour will take you to Shinshoji Temple, which offers a taste of traditional Japanese aesthetics. The tour is followed by a walk on the path leading to the temple, which is lined with shops and restaurants.

② Shibayama Course: Museum of Aviation Tour and Hiking Trails
At the Museum of Aeronautical Science, you can view and actually climb in old airplanes. The goal of this tour is to show patrons a new, and often unseen side of Japan. Then, you can enjoy nature filled walking trails in the area which run through the local roadside station.

③ Tako Course: Home of the Original Satoyama Initiative
The Satoyama Initiative is a movement designed to preserve traditional, rural environments for future generations. This tour takes you to where the initiative began and is a great way to experience how green Japan really is.

In addition to these, there are various other tours available.

2. Self-Guided Tours

The benefit of the self-guided tour is that you can shop and eat at your own leisure.

④ Aeon Mall Narita: Shopping at Aeon Mall and the WA Experience
The Aeon Mall tour is a great opportunity to buy Japanese souvenirs to take back with you. If you have a little extra time, there is an option to wear a yukata (light summer kimono) as well, but because availability is limited, it is a good idea to reserve this tour in advance if possible (the experience takes at least 40 minutes).

⑤ Shisui Premium Outlets: Shopping Tour
The Shinsui tour options will take you to the Shinsui Premium Outlets - a mall with over 120 stores, including many popular brand name and Japan-exclusive shops. You will be transported by bus to the outlet mall, and based on the length of your layover, you can make your shopping tour shorter or longer to accommodate your schedule.

For more detailed accounts of the tours, please refer to 4 Recommended Narita Airport Transit & Stay Tours: Narita, Shibayama, Tako And Sakae.

How to Apply

In order to take advantage of the Narita Transit & Stay Program, you can sign up at the reception desk when you reach Narita Airport or you can make a reservation on this website. After applying, remember to stop by the receptin at Narita Airport. After that, just follow the guide's instructions. Reception hours are 9:00-12:00 at the dedicated tour reception desk in Narita Airport.

If you're already in stopping in Japan, you should definitely take advantage of this tour program to make the most of your time here. And if you've never been to Japan before it will give you a good reason to come back!


Transit Program Reception Center


For reservations: Narita Transit & Stay Program
Hours: 9:00-12:00
Location: Terminal 1/Terminal 2 arrival lobby, Narita International Airport Transit Program reception counter
Phone: 0476-34-8000
Official website:

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