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Visit The Retro Ueno Children's Amusement Park!

Visit The Retro Ueno Children's Amusement Park!

Translated by Briony Dunbar

Written by Koshizuka Misato

Tokyo 2015.09.12 Bookmark

Loaded with retro-charm, Ueno Children's Amusement Park is fun for children and nostalgic for adults.


Right near Ueno Zoo is an amusement park where children can have just as much fun as at the zoo.

“Ueno Children’s Amusement Park”, which has been open for business since 1946, is packed full of charm that you can’t get at a large scale theme park.

An amusement park with a retro atmosphere

DSC01156 (2)

If you casually look to the right as you exit Ueno Zoo, you will get will see lots of playground equipment with a retro feel. It's aimed at children, so it’s a little on the small side, but inside there are attractions lined up one next to the other.

This is Ueno Children’s Amusement Park. Here we will tell you some recommendations for the attractions!

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Flying Mrs Elephant

This is an attraction which spins, with cute elephants leaping into the sky. There are seats on each individual elephant, and they move up and down while the ride spins round and round. They only rise to a height that even children will feel comfortable with, so it is perfect for parent and child to have fun on.

This ride was created as a memorial, when an elephant named Indira - who had been hugely popular at Ueno Zoo after the war - died.


Jeep Ride

This is an attraction with Jeeps spinning around like coffee cups. There are steering wheels affixed to the seating area so you can enjoy the feeling of driving. Kids who love cars will definitely enjoy this ride.


In addition, there are also lots of nostalgic attractions from the past. Children can play to their heart's content, and adults, can enjoy reminiscing the past!


What comes to mind when you think of Japan? Animation of course! Anime characters such as Pikachu and Anpanman have also been made into attractions. You can play mini games, which all have their own themes based on the different works. This is the perfect attraction not only for children, but for anybody who likes Japanese anime.

Let’s get tickets for the rides!


In Ueno Children’s Amusement Park, there are large rides which many people can ride at once, and also two types of small rides, for one or two people only. To ride a large ride you will need a ticket. The ticket price is 100 yen for both adults and children.

The prices for the small rides vary depending on the ride, but they will be between 100 and 200 yen. The small rides don't use the tickets, but rather you pay cash to get the rides to start moving.


This is a ticket machine for the large rides. If you’re intending to go on just one ride for the time being, purchasing just one ticket is fine, but we recommend that you purchase six tickets. This is because the price for six tickets is 500 yen. This is a bargain, as rather than buying each ticket separately, you can enjoy a large number of rides in one go.

Food and souvenirs at the recreation centr near the amusement park

DSC01152_ARW (2)

Right next to Ueno Children’s Amusement Park are crepe shops and souvenir shops. Try checking it out when you're done having lots of fun.

上野 こども遊園地4

At the crepe shop “FRAGOLA”, there are over 10 varieties of soft-serve ice cream, gelato and crepes for sale. It’s nice to try Japanese flavors such as cherry blossom and matcha green tea.

上野 おみやげ

So, you forgot to buy souvenirs while so engrossed in sightseeing? That’s okay! Right next to Ueno Children’s Amusement Park are cute souvenir shops that stock lots of souvenirs typical of Ueno.

Ueno Children’s Amusement Park, where adults can enjoy themselves and be young at heart. For people who are bringing their kids along, this is a place that you should definitely let your feet carry you to.


Ueno Children's Amusement Park

Address: 8-83, Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo-to
Nearest station: JR Keihin Tohoku Line Ueno Station, JR Yamanote Line Ueno Station
Access: 5-minute walk from JR Keihin Tohoku Line and JR Yamanote Line
Telephone: 03-3822-8203
Opening hours: 10:00-17:00
Holidays: Monday
Admission fee: Free

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