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Miyajima Island Introduces Visitor Tax From Spring 2021

Miyajima Island Introduces Visitor Tax From Spring 2021

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Hatsukaichi City is expected to introduce a 100 yen tax on visits to popular sightseeing destination Miyajima Island from spring 2021.

Miyajima to Impose Visit Tax

Miyajima's City Government Considering Visitor Tax

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Hiroshima Prefecture's Hatsukaichi City is planning to introduce a "Miyajima Visit Tax," to be collected from visitors to the famous island. City officials explain that the tax will help meet "administrative demands created by the number of tourists visiting Miyajima."

Visitors to Miyajima will be asked to pay 100 yen per trip or 500 yen annually. Miyajima natives, commuters, and students visiting as part of a school trip are exempt.

Revenue generated by the new tax will be used to maintain public restrooms, eliminate utility poles, and fund waste disposal.

Several popular islands in Okinawa have recently introduced similar policies. Miyajima, home to just over 1,500 residents, has struggled to keep up with the challenges posed by its popularity as a sightseeing destination; in 2019, the island welcomed nearly 5 million visitors.

The new visitor tax will eliminate Hatsukaichi City's budget concerns and help support Miyajima natives and visitors alike.

While the effective date of the Miyajima Visit Tax remains undecided, implementation is expected to begin in spring, 2021.

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