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Cat Cafe Temari No O-Uchi: A Visit to the World of Cats (Kichijoji)

Cat Cafe Temari No O-Uchi: A Visit to the World of Cats (Kichijoji)

Translated by Daniel Hanrahan

Written by OsawaKimie

Tokyo 2015.08.13 Bookmark

Today we'll get to bottom of the allure of "Cat Cafes": cafes where you can spend time with some cute kitties, causing quite the stir in Japan.


Everyone in Japan is talking about cat cafes, where you can have nice relaxing break while also playing around with cats. Cat Cafe Temari No O-Uchi, which just celebrated its 3rd anniversary in April 2016, is such a popular cafe that on public holidays and weekends it is already fully booked one week in advance.

The Theme is a Mysterious Cat Forest


Upon opening the door it's like entering a children's picture book. The first attraction at Cat Cafe Temari No O-Uchi is their attention to interior design. As guests invited to the mysterious cat forest, we spent some quiet time with the cats.


Cat Cafe Temari No O-Uchi is open from 10am to 9pm, but there is no time limit as to how long you can stay. It's so enjoyable to be able to just sit back and relax with family and friends.

For those wishing to make a reservation, contact them via email or phone, though for weekend and holiday bookings when it's busiest, please book ahead as early as possible. For those who may find it difficult making appointments in Japanese, you can still try just turning up to the cafe at times when a reservation is not really necessary, such as on weekdays soon after opening or during the day.

Recently there has been an increase in the number of customers from overseas, so more English services are being introduced.

Appeal Point 1. Wide Variety of Adorable Friendly Cats!


There are more than 20 cats enjoying their time wandering freely around the cafe. Each of the cats is used to people and so they will easily and naturally approach you.


Here, boldly displaying a nice stretch for the customers is 'Temari-chan', the store's mascot.


This is 'Dorothy', a Bengal cat with a beautiful leopard-like pattern.


I'll just pop my face through here for a nice photo op. "Cheese"!


You can't help touching those soft, squishy paws.


You can feel the elegance in their dignified posture.

Appeal Point 2. The Unique Menu at 'Temari No O-Uchi'


Cat Cafe Temari No O-Uchi also paid close attention to devising a unique food and drink menu. In the photo you can see the 'Fuwa-Fuwa Cafe', or 'Fluffy Coffee' (480 yen), with a lovely cat paw mark latte design.

Appeal Point 3. Kichijoji and Cat Cafes


Kichijoji is a place where at sunset you can hear the calls of the many street cats throughout the streets. And although it is a lively town, it is also a place with many calming features - a perfect match for a cat cafe. Cat Cafe Temari No O-Uchi may be just the place for those who want to escape the crowds and noise of the city center and find some soothing peace and quiet in Kichijoji.

In-Store Rules for a Wonderful Time with the Cats


By the way, there are of course some rules to follow when meeting with the cafe's cats:
1) Flash photography is not permitted.
2) You must not feed the cats.
3) Holding the cats is not permitted.
4) No food from outside permitted to be brought in.
5) Cats wearing collars are not permitted to eat snacks.


Furthermore, Cat Cafe Temari No O-Uchi always gives top priority to the health of the cats. They conduct weight checks to avoid obesity and operate the café with the mental health of the animals foremost in mind, which also allows customers to feel comfortable when interacting with the cats.


So, wouldn't you too like to sooth away your daily stress where the cute cats gather at Cat Cafe Temari No O-Uchi?

Cat Cafe Temari no Ouchi

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