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Enjoy Shopping At LABI Akihabara PC Store, Close To Akihabara Station

Enjoy Shopping At LABI Akihabara PC Store, Close To Akihabara Station

Translated by GonzalezLaura

Written by OsawaKimie

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Introducing Akihabara's LABI PC Store: this large PC shop is located a 1 minute walk away from Akihabara Station, a popular area well known for its electronics.

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Akihabara the Electric Town; this city is swarmed day after day with travelers in search of inexpensive, high-quality electronics. The most prominent electronics volume retailer, which just so happens to be a 1 minute walk from the station is the LABI Akihabara PC Store. This store's close proximity to the station makes it a little easier for those who plan to purchase large, heavy electronics to travel back and forth to their hotels or homes.

How to Get from Akihabara Station to LABI

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After arriving at Akihabara Station from the train, first look for the Electric Town Exit. As this exit is located below the 3rd and 4th platforms, if you got off on the floors above the 3rd and 4th platform, then follow the signs and go downstairs.

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Once you've reached the 3rd and 4th platforms, then go further down using the escalators.

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Once you've reached the ticket gate floor, then check the signs as you make your way towards the Electric Town Exit.

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Once you get out of the Electric Town Exit ticket gates...

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LABI Akihabara PC Store will be right before your very eyes. Travelers carrying heavy bags will certainly be grateful for the convenient short distance from the store to the ticket gate.

About LABI Akihabara PC Store

Just like it's name, "PC Store", Akihabara's LABI has a substantial array of PC equipment available. Here's a detailed floor guide. By the way, all the floors have their own 'theme color', so that inside the store just taking a look around you can quickly figure out which floor you're on.

B1FPink)Digital Camera, Digital Video Camera

1FRed)Electronic Dictionary, Digital Audio Player, Mobile PC

2FYellow)Notebook PCs, PC Supplies, *Duty-Free Counter

3FGreen)Desktop PC, Printer

4FLight Blue)PC Peripheral Devices, PC Software

5FBlue)PC Peripheral Devices, Corporate Service Corner, BTO PCs

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For those traveling from overseas, you can get your tax exemption procedures taken care of on the 2nd floor Duty-Free counter. After making your purchase, just take the item, within the same day of purchase, to the counter along with your (1) passport, (2)receipt, and (3)credit card (only if item was bought using a credit card), and you will get the value of the sales tax returned to you.

For those of you thinking, "I want to get some cheap electronic goods at Akihabara, but I don't want to walk around with the packages!", then how about enjoying some shopping at Akihabara's LABI Akihabara PC Store?


LABi Akihabara PC Store

Address: 1-15-8 Sotokanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo
Hours: 10:00-22:00
Closed: None
Credit Cards: All major cards, debit cards also supported
Other Languages: English, Chinese
Nearest Station: Akihabara Station (秋葉原駅), JR/Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line/Tsukuba Express
Phone Number: 03-5207-6711
Website: LABI Akihabara PC Store

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