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The National Museum Of Nature And Science In Ueno. Learning Is Fun!

Translated by Collin Radford

Written by Natsumi Endo

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The National Museum of Nature and Science, has two incredible permanent exhibits. Today let's check out the newly renovated Global Gallery.

We've introduced countless art exhibits and museums before, but today we'd like to shift the focus to a science exhibit. It's in Tokyo, and is among the largest permanent exhibits country-wide: the National Museum of Nature and Science. In July of 2015 the Global Gallery reopened after being renovated and renewed. Today let's head to the National Museum of Nature and Science and take a look!

What is the National Museum of Nature and Science?

The National Museum of Nature and Science is found in Ueno Park, in Ueno, the city of museums and art galleries. It is one of Japan's largest museums, and the only nature and science museum in the entire country. It was established in 1877, and with nearly 150 years years of history, it is also counted among Japan's oldest museums.

One of its greatest draws is the wealth of variety in its exhibits. The permanent exhibits are the Global Gallery and the Japan Gallery, which feature Japan's geography and natural world, as well as dinosaur fossils, taxidermy and artifacts invented by early humans from all over the world.

What is the Global Gallery?

Let's have a look at the renewed Global Gallery!

Upon entering, you might feel overwhelmed by a massive display and Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil.

The display shows an animation which enacts human history from humanity's primal days, to the industrial revolution, to modern times.

Moving along, you'll see a gallery for animals and their ecology.  There are countless samples and taxidermied animals; everything from microorganisms to insects, birds, mammals, and plant-life.


All of those who visit this gallery, both young and old, are fascinated by the monitors and the restored fossils. You can see, touch and feel the exhibits. You can only get this close at the National Museum of Nature and Science.

Lots to See on the Second Floor!

Next is the second floor.


The second floor is dedicated to exhibits on progress in science and technology, which utilizes the latest projection technology to project Japan's scientific and technological progress from the Edo Period to today. This is all displayed using tools from each era. The galleries about Japan are especially packed with precious documents from each time period, so you can learn history as you browse.

How to Get There

Finally, we'll go over how to get to the National Museum of Nature and Science.

1. Walk towards Tokyo Bunka Kaikan/National Museum of Western Art from the JR Ueno Station Park Exit.

2. Turn right at the first crossing.

3. From there, keep heading straight, and you will reach your destination.


The National Museum of Nature and Science has tons of great exhibits. Check it out if you'd like to learn a little about the earth, space, and science.

Photos courtesy of: The National Museum of Nature and Science

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