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Treat Your Inner Child To Nostalgia At Super Potato Akihabara

Treat Your Inner Child To Nostalgia At Super Potato Akihabara

Translated by GonzalezLaura

Written by yohei matsui

Tokyo 2015.09.12 Bookmark

What games did you love as a kid? Here we'll introduce Super Potato Akihabara, where you can reunite with classic video game consoles, and even arcade games.


What games did you used to play obsessively when you were a kid? Pokemon, Super Mario, Final Fantasy... Just namingssa few of these games brings back such fond memories.

You could say that plenty of people, the author included, have games that they absolutely loved when they were younger.ssTokyo's Super Potato Akihabara, has a great deal of those nostalgic games available for purchase at the store.

Retro Games Galore at Super Potato Akihabara


Super Potato Akihabara is located on the 3rd-5th floors of the Kobayashi Building, which can be found in a side road off of Akihabara's Chuo-dori. The 3rd floor mainly handles games from 1980-90's, while the 4th floor handles games from late 1990's into the 2000's. On the 5th floor you can play classic arcade games, as well as purchase cheap Japanese snacks.

So then, shall we take a look inside?

3F 1980-90 Retro Games


This is what the 3rd floor looks like. Inside the shop, there are illustrations of game characters, as well as game maker signs hanging in the shop. Most gamers probably would not be able to contain their excitement on this floor.


Here we found a 30 (plus) year old Nintendo conslole, or Family Computer, as it is known in Japan. This console was a key figure in making the home console unit popular around the world. Of course, this console is totally playable, even now.


This is a Super Nintendo, also by Nintendo, released in 1990. The amount of units sold worldwide for this incredibly popular game console, was an astonishing 49.1 million units.


As you can see, they don't just have game consoles, but they also have an abundance of video game software. Super Potato features plenty of games that are quite difficult to come across in other stores.


Here we have a Super Mario Bros.'sssgame cassette, from the well-known Mario Bros. series.


In this store, they sell peripheral devices for older game consoles. They also have a corner where you can try out some old retro games.

4F Playstation, Sega Saturn; Game Consoles from the Not-So Distant Past


The 4th floor mainly houses games from the later half of the 90's, up to games past the later part of the 2000's. There's a giant Mario figure at the entrance, waiting to greet you as you come onto the 4th floor.


This is a Sony Playstation, which first went on the market in 1994. What was the latest in console design at the time, now brings back waves of nostalgia.


Here are cartridges from the first games in the hugely popular Pokemon series. The author of this article also often played Pokemon as a kid. There must be so many precious memories packed into these small cartridges.

5F Game Center and Bargain Snack Corner


Here we have some arcade games, which have mainted just as much entertainment value as the at-home consoles. At Super Potato, they are serving up nostalgia on both the video game, and arcade game fronts.


You can play all of the games for 100 yen (1 play).


Right next to the arcade games, we then have the Bargain Snack Corner. Snacks here are generally under 100 yen each, so you can try out those snacks you're interested in without having to worry about breaking the bank.


This, is the most widely-recognized bargain snack in Japan. Katto Yocchan, or Yocchan Ika, as it is often called by Japanese, is only 30 yen. This is a famous bargain snack that has a sweet-and-sour flavor, along with a chewy texture that is easy to get hooked on.

Why Not Have a Rendezvous with an Old Game of the Past

Games have advanced at an incredible pace due to the advancements in technology. Of course, high-performing, stylish games are all good and fun. But, there's something that these old nostalgic games have, that you can't find in the latest games. At Super Potato, you can find a large array of these classic games assembled in the various floors. If you've come all the way to Japan, how about stopping by Super Potato; think of it as though you're going to visit an old friend.


Super Potato Akihabara

Address: 1-11-2 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo-to, Kitabayashi 3-5 floors
Hours: Weekdays 11:00-20:00
Saturday, Sundays, Holidays: 10:00-20:00
Nearest Station: JR Akihabara Station
Access: 6-minute walk from JR Akihabara Station
Telephone: 03-5289-9933
Official Website: Super Potato Akihabara

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