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Mandarake Complex: The Akihabara Otaku Source

Mandarake Complex: The Akihabara Otaku Source

Translated by Adam Tuck

Written by Yuki ISHIBASHI

Tokyo 2015.08.20 Bookmark

Everyone knows that Ahikahbara is the Otaku capital of the world, but where do you start? Mandarake is where you start.


If you are looking for anything Otaku you know you can find it in Tokyo's Akihabara, the world capital of Otaku culture.

One of the most popular trading posts in Akihabara is the Mandarake Complex.

From the 1st to the 8th floor the Mandarake Complex is packed to the brim with manga, anime DVDs, figurines, and games, many of which are pre-owned yet highly collectible and valuable in the right circles.

Since navigating the floors of Mandarake can be intimidating for a first timer, let's go together and introduce the complex floor by floor.

1F: Buying and Selling Plus Japanese Pop Antiques


The first floor of the complex features a buy and sell space for secondhand goods. Items of all sizes and values can be found here. Each week, this floor also showcases different types of goods, making it a constantly changing spot that you won't grow tired of visiting.

2F: Animation Cells, Dolls, and Cosplay


Anime cells, storyboard art, scripts, and autographs all in one place, plus cosplay outfits, wigs, and all things doll related can be picked up right here.

3F: Manga


Every kind of manga is just within reach at Mandarake. You can easily find vintage works, periodicals, graphic novels, and more on this floor.

The shelves and racks are filled with titles and manga magazines perhaps from before you were even born; they are all in great condition and would suit any collection handsomely.

4F: Boys Comics


Boys comics, adult comics, men's comics, PC comics, Bishojo (beautiful girl) comics, and light novels are all right here. Every genre, in every class all for sale.

5F: Girls Comics


The fifth floor sells girls' comics, women's comics, and idol comics.

6F: CD, DVD, and Games


On the 6th floor you can find any number of the vintage games from the past. If nostalgia is your vice this is the place to satisfy it in full 8-16 bit glory.

Likewise, all of your favorite movies and recording artists (at least of the Japanese variety) can be found here as well.

7F: Toys and Cards


Toy robots, cars, miniatures, and collector's items can all be found right here on the 7th floor.

8F: Toys


Much like the 7th floor there are toys on the 8th floor, but they are generally larger and more conspicuously displayed. Robots, Japanese Anime, and foreign-based characters are all on display here.

With such a wide variety of goods there is guaranteed to be something for everyone, and the doors of Mandarake are always ready to accept new guests.


Mandarake Complex

Address101-0021. Sotokanda 3-11-12, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Closest Station: JR Akihabara Station
Access: 4 minutes from the 'Electric Town' exit (電気街口)
Phone Number: 03-3252-7007
Official Website: Mandarake Complex

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