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Akihabara Gamers Store: A Treasure Trove Of Anime And Voice Actor Goods

Akihabara Gamers Store: A Treasure Trove Of Anime And Voice Actor Goods

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by yohei matsui

Tokyo 2015.09.19 Bookmark

Dive into otaku culture and pick up the latest merchandise of your favorite anime and voice actors at the Akihabara Gamers Shop.


The Japanese otaku culture is fairly popular around the world. Perhaps, there are a lot of tourists who travel all the way to Japan to get in touch with the latest in otaku culture.

A great recommendation for people interested in anime is the Akihabara Gamers Store, which carries a wide range of anime and voice actor merchandise, and is located close to the station.

The Latest Goods


Akihabara Gamers Store is located right outside Akihabara Station'sElectric Town Exit. The seven-story store carries mainly bishōjo, or "beautiful girl" anime, and voice actor merchandise. There is a wide variety of items, which range from magazines, DVDs, and CDs to character goods.

So What's for Sale?

Let's begin by introducing that various types of goods they have.


The first floor of Akihabara Gamers Store carries the latest magazines, CDs, and character goods. Japanese magazines with cute illustrations are even popular even among non-Japanese speakers and are often bought as souvenirs.


This is the manga corner. The shelves are fully stocked with the latest manga. You can get an idea of the depth and variety of Japan's otaku culture just by looking at this area.


This is the merchandise area for the widely popular anime and game, Love Live!. There are many special limited-time only displays in the store, so that at a glance, you can instantly find out what's trending in Japan at the time.


On the second floor, you will be greeted by a sign board with a bishōjo, or 'beautiful girl character' on it. This floor has mainly books, and in specific light novels and anime based stories.


The third floor has mainly books and manga. It is a collaborative floor between the publishing company, Kadokawa Group and Gamers, otherwise known as the KadoGema floor.

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