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Kichijoji's Cute Picture Book Cafe HATTIFNATT

Kichijoji's Cute Picture Book Cafe HATTIFNATT

Translated by MATCHA_En

Written by Misa Tamaru

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Ever wanted to jump into the world your childhood picture books? At Kichijoji's Picture Book Cafe you can do just that, and enjoy some cute desserts too!


Am I in a Picture Book? HATTIFNATT Cafe

What kinds of picture books did you read when you were young? Dinosaur, adventure, and picture books about talking animals were always exciting to read for me.

In Tokyo, there's a cafe to help you remember those feelings you had as a child - a "picture book cafe." All you have to do is make a right out of the North Exit of JR Kichijoji Station, and walk along the street for about 10 minutes. A brightly-colored building will jump out at you. This is the cafe we'll introduce you to today, HATTIFNATT.

Squeeze Yourself Through the 130cm Door and Step Into a Picture Book


The warmth from the color of the wood of this old-Japanese-styled store fills the room. But the door is only 130cm tall! It was made to be child-sized. That means adults have to squeeze themselves through the door in order to get inside.


When you go up to the 2nd floor, you'll see that the walls are covered in artwork. It feels just like being inside of a picture book. The aim of this cafe is to help you forget the hustle and bustle of today's society, relax, and briefly return back to your childhood innocence.


Climb the stairs to the loft and you'll find yourself in a room where the seats are all tatami mats. It's like the secret hideout you'd always dreamed about as a child. The room bubbles with nature and excitement.

Japanese Picture Books' Illustrations in the Cafe: Marini Monteany


The cute illustrations covering the walls are works by Japanese picture book authors Marini Monteany. Marini Monteany is the unit name of a married couple Tomohiro Noda and Mayu Shinozaki.

Tomohiro draws animals while Mayu draws children, together creating the fairy-tale like style of the cafe.

Official website: Marini Monteany

Order Yourself Some Cute Latte Art and Desserts!


HATTIFNATT's menu items is also quite cute.

HATTIFNATT's Matcha Milk (650 yen) has latte art drawn on it. This matcha latte is neither too sweet nor too bitter, but extremely relaxing.


The Luxury Baked Chocolate (500 yen) also features heartwarming designs. It's a dense chocolate cake with raspberry sauce.

Besides desserts and drinks, you can also enjoy menu items like curry and doria pilaf. The owner of the shop recommends the pizza above all else, which is served on the dinner menu after 18:00. They make the dough by hand, so you can enjoy fresh pizza straight out of the oven.

Shop for Some One of a Kind Souvenirs


HATTIFNATT General Store is located right next to the cafe. Each of the many wooden boxes contains creations from a different artist. In this store, you can buy products glowing with each creator's personal touch. Since they're handmade, you won't find something like it anywhere else. Find something that's just right for you in the wooden boxes.

Take these brooches of Mt. Fuji and slices of bread for example. These unique items aren't exactly commonplace.

Besides the handmade items, you can also purchase many kinds of Marini Monteany (who we introduced previously) goods. From mugs, to ball pens, to postcards... it's hard to choose! If you pick up one of their picture books you'll be able to enjoy the feeling of HATTIFNATT in your own home.

HATTIFNATT - where you can go back to those childhood feelings and memories. It was originally created as a general goods store for creators to share and sell their work.

Nowadays, it has become a store beloved by young women, families with children, men, and all sorts of people. Why not recuperate in this cute picture book world?


cafe & gallery HATTIFNATT Kichijoji no Uchi
Address: Tokyo, Musashino, Kichijoji Minamicho 2-22-1
Open: Mon-Sat 12:00-23:00 Sun 12:00-22:00
Credit Cards: JCB, AMEX
Nearest Station: Kichijoji Station, JR and Inokashira lines
Access: 10 minute walk, 500m after left turn at the North Exit
Price range: 1000-2000 yen
Phone: 0442-26-6773
Website: cafe & gallery HATTIFNATT

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