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Cosplay Photo Shoot Experience In Akihabara's Studio Crown!

Cosplay Photo Shoot Experience In Akihabara's Studio Crown!

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by Kazuyuki Sato

Akihabara 2015.09.19 Bookmark

Come empty handed to Studio Crown, and experience a cosplay photo shoot in the city at the center of otaku culture, Akihabara.

Cosplay, short for costume-play is considered a major part of Japanese otaku culture. You can see many cosplayers around the world in taking part in various events.

Have you ever wanted to transform into a certain character?

That dream can come true in the city at the center of otaku culture, Akihabara! Don't worry if you have never cosplayed before in your life, this article will provide you with information regarding the world of cosplay.

The Closest Photo Studio from Akihabara Station


There is a photo studio made specifically for cosplay called Studio Crown, that is only six minutes away from the Electric Town Exit of Akihabara Station. Normally, you can rent the studio for cosplay photo shoots.


This time, we will tell you about the Akiba Cosplay Experience course. In this course, you can come empty-handed, and still get to experience full-on cosplay! You can rent costumes, wigs and even have your make-up done (there are courses where wigs, make-up are not included as well).

Please note that reservations need to be made in advance. (Refer to the reservation methods below.)

Select the Character to Cosplay


In this studio, there's a nice selection of costumes from anime, maid costumes, and many more. Most costumes are from world-famous anime. This time, I chose Kenshin Himura, from the internationally popular anime and manga, Rurouni Kenshin.

As you can see, I have never cosplayed before in my life. It's my first time wearing make-up too! Having come in a suit, what will I look like after my transformation?

Get Your Make-up Done by Professionals


The hardest part of cosplay, would be the make-up. For people who have never cosplayed before, perhaps make-up is the highest wall to conquer.

But no need to worry. experienced professional staff (who are cosplayers themselves) will do your make-up for you, and help you through your transformation.

They will select make-up according to your face shape and skin condition, so I felt no discomfort while having the make-up applied on my face.


All the make-up tools being used here are actually used by cosplayers.
To become even more like the character you like, they can also supply color contacts and various props. By paying an extra fee, you are able to rent or purchase the items of your preference.

It's exactly because this is a studio specifically for taking cosplay photo shoots, that you can have so many options.

Enjoy a Photo Shoot as the Character of Your Choice!


After your make-up is finished, put on your wig, and you're prepared for your photo shoot!

During the photo shoot, you are welcome to bring your own camera and have the staff take your photo, or you may have your photos taken with the studio camera, and then have the data sent to you afterwards.


In this studio, there are three photo booths: the "white booth", the "modern and gothic booth", and the "cyber idol booth". You are welcome to enjoy taking photos with the various backgrounds.


The fun part of cosplaying is the way you are able to collaborate with different characters, like in the photo above. Bring your friends along and experience cosplaying together for a memorable time during your stay in Japan!


This is my personal opinion, but I was pretty excited about being able to cosplay. It's a great opportunity for people who want to give cosplay a try, but can't take the initial step.

Taking the cosplay photos you took at the studio back home to show your friends and family will make for a great conversation piece. Why don't you try this cosplay experience in Akihabara, the mecca for all things otaku?


Studio Crown

Address: Tokyo, Chiyoda, Kanda Building Sasage East 5th Floor B Tower
Hours: 10:00-17:00
Closed: Open year round
Reservations: Please make reservations online
Phone number: 03-5577-5995
Credit Cards: Major cards accepted

Plans (Visit website for details):
A. Basic Course 3000 yen + tax
(Basic menu includes the fee for anime or maid costume rental)

B. Easy Anime Costume 6,800 yen + tax
(Basic menu + pre-styled wig)

C.Perfection Real Anime Costume 12,000 yen + tax
(Basic menu + wig + cosplay make-up)

Nearest Station: JR Akihabara Station
Acccess: 6 minute walk from the Electric Town Exit of Akihabara Station

Official Twitter: (Japanese)

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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