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Cosplay Specialty Store For Beginners: ACOS Akihabara

Cosplay Specialty Store For Beginners: ACOS Akihabara

Translated by Eri Sasaki

Written by yohei matsui

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Akihabara: a city well known for its anime, gaming culture, and cosplay. Today, we introduce ACOS Akihabara, the cosplay super shop.

Here they sell make-up and tools. You can change the impression of your lips and eyes with these make-up tools. You can become any character you like, if you use the magic of make-up!


Here's some foundation powder that helps create the perfect base for your new face.


Many kinds of tools are sold here including eyebrow concealer and face tape to give you an instant face-lift and sharpen your features into a more anime-friendly shape.

More Ways to Change Your Appearance

If you want to try cosplay, it might be a lot of fun to go for a full change - including eye color, hair and of course clothing. ACOS Akihabara has all the tools you need to be an entirely different person!

First of all, let's use color contact lenses to completely change your eye color.


There are a lot of contact lenses at the store, and an explanation is displayed for beginners when they want to know how, as well as which contacts to use.

Don't forget that you need identification documents such as your passport when you purchase color contact lenses. You'll need to fill out an agreement form and these are definitely a non-returnable item.


Next, let's try some of the colorful wigs to change your hair color and style! These are the most popular models.

レッド ウィッグ
ピンク ウィッグ

These unnaturally vivid red and soft pink wigs are considered rather rare colors and are quite popular among both Japanese and international cosplayers. You'll stand out from the crowd wearing these wigs at any cosplay events!

コスプレ 売場

The most important tool for cosplay is definitely, the costume. They sell many types of costumes, reproducing those that anime characters wear in their respective series.


On the other hand, these are also school uniforms worn by ordinary Japanese high school students. There are a number of anime fans who are quite interested in Japan's unique high school life.


There are boys' school uniforms as well! Of course you can also find the matching hats, bags, and ribbons here too.


These are ribbons for the girls' school uniforms. Why not build your own perfect uniform here?

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