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Cosplay Specialty Store For Beginners: ACOS Akihabara

Cosplay Specialty Store For Beginners: ACOS Akihabara

Translated by Eri Sasaki

Written by yohei matsui

Tokyo 2015.09.24 Bookmark

Akihabara: a city well known for its anime, gaming culture, and cosplay. Today, we introduce ACOS Akihabara, the cosplay super shop.

Let's get Japanese Swords and Throwing Knives for Souvenirs

You may be satisfied with getting your costumes and make-up tools for yourself, but don't forget that you can also buy souvenirs apart from cosplay goods in this shop.


There are some ninja tools: to the right are throwing knives, and to the left are small knives.

You might have seen them in the anime NARUTO. Don't worry, you won't be arrested at the airport because they are not real!

They are actually cosplay goods, but can be used as Japanese souvenirs as well.


Swords are widely collected and displayed well. The shape and colors both look really good.


These are Japanese masks (folk crafts). Japanese people use these for festivals and when performing traditional dances.


Bunny ears and elf ears are also recommended as gag gifts.

So in the end...

It was very first time for the author to visit a cosplay specialty store, but ACOS Akihabara has a really friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

According to the shop staff, a lot of people from all over the world visit here daily. If you have any interest in cosplay, please stop by this shop!


ACOS Akihabara

Address: AKIBA Cultures ZONE 5F
Hours: 11:00-21:30
Nearest Station: JR Akihabara Station, Suehirocho, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
Access: 4 minute walk from Electric Town Exit Akihabara station, 5 minute walk from Exit 3 Suehirocho Station
Phone Number: +81 03-3526-3871
Website: ACOS Akihabara

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