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Akihabara's Top 4 Souvenir Stores

Akihabara's Top 4 Souvenir Stores

Translated by Ellyn Barnes

Written by ochiai keiichi

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Whether you're into idols, anime, or manga, Akiba's selection of otaku merchandise is second to none. But where's best to buy? Read on to find out!

Whether you're into idols, anime, or manga, Akihabara is the go-to shopping destination for anything and everything otaku. But, where is best to buy? In this article, we will introduce and show you how to get to our top four stores for otaku merchandise and souvenirs.

1) Kotobukiya: Recommended for Beginners

With something for everyone, Kotobukiya is the first we recommend of all Akihabara's stores. Inside you'll find a wide range of anime, manga, and gaming merchandise. With a section displaying goods from famous works such as those by Studio Ghibli, and another for Akihabara souvenirs, you'll enjoy this store even if you're not an otaku culture expert.


Kotobukiya Akihabara
Address: 1 Chome 8-8 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021
Hours: 10:00-20:00
Credit cards accepted: All
Open all-year-round
Phone: +81(0)3-5298-6300
Website: Kotobukiya Akihabara

2) Dera NanNan: The Glow-Stick Specialists

At otaku events in Japan, you can't be without Cyalume - known more widely in the English-speaking world as glow sticks. They're not just for idol fans - with glow sticks making an occasional appearance in anime, there are sure to be anime fans who want them, too! That's where speciality store Dera NanNan comes in - with their extensive range of glow sticks and torches, you'll be spoilt for choice. We recommend the LED type - you can change the batteries, making it last longer.

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Dera NanNan Akihabara
Address: 1 Chome 16-10 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Hours: 11:00-21:00 (weekdays) 10:00-21:00 (weekends and public holidays)
Credit Cards: All
Open all-year-round
Phone: +81(0)3-6206-4808
Website: Dera NanNan Web (Japanese)

3) AKB48 Cafe & Shop: Must-see for Fans with Limited Goods

Anime and manga are often the first to come to mind when we think of otaku culture - but you can't forget about idols! This cafe and shop is the official store for Japan's top idols, AKB48. The cafe is usually crowded with customers, but the shop is relatively easy to enter - so if it's merchandise you're after, you shouldn't have to wait around.


AKB48 Cafe & Shop Akihabara
Address: 1-1 Kanda Hanaokacho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Hours (shop): 11:00-22:00 (weekdays) 10:00-22:00 (weekends and public holidays)
Credit Cards: All
Open all-year-round
Phone: +81(0)3-5297-4848
Website: AKB48 Cafe & Shop Akihabara

4) Tokyo Anime Center: The Latest Anime News!

Located on the fourth floor of Akihabara UDX - a strikingly tall building even for Akihabara - Tokyo Anime Center doesn't just sell anime merchandise. It also holds (irregular) exhibitions of original anime drawings, some of which are even from the newest, currently-airing anime. To find out whether an exhibition is being held when you're there, please check the official website (Japanese only). If you're an anime fan, it's definitely worth checking out.


Tokyo Anime Center
Address: 4 Chome 14-1, Akihabara UDX, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo1
Hours: 11:00–19:00
Credit Cards: All
Closed Mondays (other than public holidays, in which case it will be closed the following Tuesday)
Phone: +81(0)3-5298-1188
Website: Tokyo Anime Center (Japanese)

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