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【TOKYO EAST】“Karin Karin” Sweets Store: More than 20 Kinds of Flavors

【TOKYO EAST】“Karin Karin” Sweets Store: More than 20 Kinds of Flavors

Translated by Michiyo Nakashima

Written by Shiori Nakajima

Tokyo 2014.05.28 Bookmark

A few blocks apart from the Kaminari-Mon in Asakusa, antique dealers are located in back alleys, there is also a sweets shop called “Karin Karin”.


The inside of the shop is decorated with white, and as you can see, it's a sweets shop specialized in Karinto (Fried dough cookies). The display shelves are cleanly organized. The packages of Karinto just look like a tea packages. Originally, Karinto is a Japanese sweet, but the way they package this sweet is very elegant, making it a great tasting souvenir.


From Standard to Novel, Various Flavors

There are more than 20 flavors that are categorized in four groups.

Honey, brown cane sugar, sesame, and so forth are the 9 standard flavors in one categorized group. Curry, sea lettuce, rock salt, and so forth are novel ones making up another group. Also burdock, ginger, apple, and so forth are the third group. Finally, the last group has different shapes and colors of Karinto, such as round, coil shape, and as black as burnt bamboo coal. They are also introducing a new flavor and a limited version of a flavor almost every month. In March, they had a cheese flavor of karinto.


Their Karinto is light on the sweetness, so you can taste the difference of each flavor. If you want to try you can also try every flavor in the shop!

Usually burdock flavor is the most popular, but cherry blossom flavor, which is a limited flavor, is the most popular one right now. Once you taste it, the fragrance of cherry blossom will fill your mouth, and it'll be something that you probably haven't tasted before.


They also have macaron. The matcha, green tea flavor is very popular. You can enjoy the collaboration of Japanese traditional style and western style of sweets in the flavors of strawberry, brown cane sugar, sesame, rock salt, and etc.


If you want to try something different, this would be the best place for you!


Karinto Karin karin

Business hours:10:00~17:30
No business day:Wednesdays

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