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The 2 Most Popular Spots In Shibuya: Hachiko and Scramble Crossing

The 2 Most Popular Spots In Shibuya: Hachiko and Scramble Crossing

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The statue of Hachiko and the Shibuya Scramble Crossing are two of the busiest spots in Tokyo's Shibuya area. Let's check out Hachiko, a popular meeting place, and Scramble Crossing, the busiest intersection in the world today.

Translated by MATCHA

Written by Momota Yokomori

The Busiest Spots at Shibuya Station

Hachiko Plaza, the largest meeting spot in Tokyo, and the Scramble Crossing, the busiest intersection of the world, are the two most popular sightseeing sites in Shibuya. Fortunately for the tourists, these two spots happen to be located right next to each other.
As you walk out of the station from Hachiko Exit, you will see Hachiko Plaza and the Scramble Crossing right in front of you.

This is the Hachiko Exit.

Hachiko: the World Famous Dog

Hachiko is the name of the dog bronze statue set in the middle of Hachiko Plaza, and was modeled after a real dog that kept faithfully waiting for its master even after his death. Hachiko’s owner was Eizaburo Ueno, a university professor who is remembered by his academic contribution to the study of agriculture and civil engineering. Eizaburo used to commute to his workplace from his home in Shibuya, and Hachi would wait for his return in the afternoon every day at the station. Unfortunately, Eizaburo passed away only one year after he first welcomed Hachiko into his family, but the faithful dog kept on waiting for his return at the Shibuya station for seven years.

The story of Hachi was featured in newspaper articles, and the dog became the icon of Shibuya station. Those who read and was moved by the story of the faithful dog donated money to erect his statue at the Shibuya station in 1934. The statue was surrounded by flowers dedicated to Hachi when he passed away the following year.
If you have a chance, we highly recommend seeing the statue of this faithful dog in person after you arrive at Shibuya Station.

The World’s Busiest Intersection - 3,000 People Crossing at Once?!

The Scramble Crossing is one of the most famous intersections in the world, and arguably the largest through which 500,000 people pass each day. Data suggests that sometimes a whopping 3000 people travel through this intersection during a single green light. Scramble Crossing differs from other intersections in that pedestrians who arrive at this junction are allowed to travel into four different directions, while all traffic is suspended.

Walking through the Scramble Crossing allows you to see the entire building of Shibuya 109.

Take a moment to look around you and you will see people with most unique fashion ideas and appearances. Take a selfie with the Scramble Crossing in the background, and you just might have taken a picture with 3000 other people!


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