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Stroll around Jindaiji in Chofu: All-Season Beautiful Nature & Local Cuisine

Stroll around Jindaiji in Chofu: All-Season Beautiful Nature & Local Cuisine

Translated by Eri Sasaki

Written by Mikako Utsunomiya

Tokyo 2015.09.21 Bookmark

Go out to the suburban town of Chofu in Tokyo for stroll through a the beautiful Jindaiji temple for great nature and great food!

A Healing Spot in Tokyo that's Full of Nature - Jindaiji

Jindaiji is a temple established approximately 1300 years ago and located in Chofu city, Tokyo. It is known as a spot for protecting us from evil spirits and matchmaking.

On the premises, you can feel the seasonal changes of nature. You can also enjoy shopping and eating outside the temple, so it has become a popular sightseeing spot!

Let's pray first. Start from "sanmon (the entrance)"

Take a bus for 25 minutes from Mitaka station, which is famous for the Ghibli Museum, and get off at the "Jindaiji" bus stop. It takes only 2 minutes for you to reach the big "sanmon (the entrance)."

After you pass the entrance, you'll find the main temple. There is a place called "chozuya" where you clean your hands and rinse your mouth. After you ritually cleanse them, proceed to pray.

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After a visit, why don't you give Japanese fortunetelling, omikuji, a try??

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Take a stroll with special apps in English

There are a lot of halls. If you want to expel evil spirits ("yakuyoke"), then Gansantaishido is the one you must visit. As for wishing for a long life, go and pray at Enmei Kan'non.

You can get a map at the tourist information center near the bus stop!

Or you may want to use Jindaiji AR Apps (for iOS) run by Chofu City Folk Museum in order to check out the English map. It's so convenient in terms of its explanation for famous spots and pictures, as well as audio guides!

iOS:Jindaiji AR Apps(English version)

Spring-only Highlight - Blooming "Nanja Monja no Ki (snow flowers)"


There are many trees in Jindaiji, but those who come from the end of April until the beginning of May can probably observe blooming "Nanja Monja no Ki (snow flower)".

It may sound strange, but its name originally comes from the phrase "What is that? (Are wa Nanda)" said by people who did not know the type of the tree. It's called snow flowers in English. The blooming white flowers are so beautiful!

Take a rest with soba noodle or sweets!


We strongly recommend that you walk around the area outside the temple. Jindaiji has been famous for its original soba noodle Jindaiji Soba since the Edo era. There are as many as 20 soba places nearby.

You can also get some soba noodles for souvenirs, which last for a relatively long time. Even if you do not know how to eat or cook soba noodles, how about getting Japanese sweets or breads made from soba noodle??


Lemonade and Amazake (a sweet drink made from fermented rice) are also good choices to go with a short break. Having them while sitting on a bench among a stream is definitely great!

Painted pottery as a souvenir!


Amongst a lot of attracting souvenirs here, we especially recommend Musashiya Jindaijigama, where you can paint on pottery! Rakuyaki Course (Quick handy course) requires only 20 minutes to complete! So you can go around the area while you wait for the pottery to be baked. There is an explanation in English, so don't worry! Moreover, this store sells original pottery representing Junishi (the twelve zodiac signs in Chinese astrology) called Junishi Dorei.

Relaxing atmosphere in Jindaiji

Here you will be relaxed with this abundant beautiful nature, make a wish, and taste delicious food. Please visit while you're in Tokyo.


Musashiya Jindaijigama

Address: 5 Chome-13-6 Jindaiji Motomachi, Chofu, Tokyo
Hours:9:00–17:00 (opened everyday)
Map Languages: English
Nearest Station: JR Mitaka Station
Access:25 min from JR Mitaka Station by bus towards Jindaiji, 2 minutes walk from Jindaiji Bus Stop
Price:Rakuyaki Course (Quick Handy Course) starting at ¥200
Phone Number:+81(0)42-483-7441
Official Website: Musashiya Jindaijigama (Japanese)


Address:5-15-1 Jindaiji Motomachi, Chofu, Tokyo
Nearest Station: Jindaiji Bus Stop
Access:15 min by bus from Keio line Tsutsujigaoka Station or Chofu Station, then 2 minutes walk from Jindaiji Bus Stop/ 30 min by bus from JR Chuo line Mitaka Station or Kichijoji Station, then a 3-min walk from the bus stop
Official Website: Jindaiji Temple (Japanese)

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