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Plat Tsukiji - The Visitors' Guide To Tsukiji Market

Plat Tsukiji - The Visitors' Guide To Tsukiji Market

Translated by Shinji Takaramura

Written by Ai Yoneda

Tokyo 2017.01.23 Bookmark

This article introduces the services of Plat Tsukiji, an information center located within the Tsukiji Market. The information and the services of this facility can be of real use to the visitors of Tsukiji Market.

Tsukiji Market, the largest fish market in Japan, is sometimes called a "fish-related theme park." There are more than 1,000 shops altogether in the jonai (inner market) and jogai (outer market).

Besides fresh fish, Tsukiji Market handles seafood products, tableware, hard-to-find kitchenware, and even souvenirs.

Visitors can also watch the tuna auctions from early in the morning, or go to shrines and temples such as Namiyoke Jinja or Tsukiji Honganji, both located near the market.

You might get exhausted watching the auction or shopping at the market from early in the morning, but Tsukiji Market is not designed to accommodate visitors, so there aren't many rest areas. Smoking areas and toilet facilities are also hard to find. If you need some assistance, go to Plat Tsukiji Information Center.

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The center is located along the Namiyoke Dori in the jogai area (outer market). Turn right from the A1 Exit of Toei Oedo Line Tsukijishijo Station, and the center can be found near the large intersection. As you can see in the photograph, a sign written in kanji marks the entrance, so it should be easy to find.


This is the entrance of Plat Tsukiji. An information booth, rest area, coin operated lockers, smoking area, and toilet facilities are all inside.


Free Wi-Fi is available at this center, so visitors can use the internet to do some research, or update their SNS account.


This is the information booth, where visitors can get the map of the Tsukiji Market (Japanese and English) or sightseeing information of the nearby areas. English-speaking volunteers will assist the visitors, and although a reservation is required in advance, Spanish-speaking volunteers are also available at the booth.


This is the spacious rest area, a perfect place to take a break. Please note that rest areas like this, where you can sit down for a break, are hard to find in the market. Vending machines are also located here.


The coin-operated lockers are located at the back of the entrance. There is another set of lockers in front of the toilet facilities.


Roads inside Tsukiji Market are narrow, with trucks and small vehicles called turrets coming and going. So large luggage such as suitcases should be stowed in the coin-operated lockers.


The smoking area is located next to the coin-operated lockers. At the Tsukiji Market jonai (inner market), smoking is restricted to areas with ashtrays, and there aren't many smoking areas in jogai (outer market). If you are looking for a place to smoke, come to this center. There are capsuled toy vending machines in this smoking area, so give them a try while taking a break.


The Tsukiji Nippon Fish Port Market shops are located on the opposite side of the smoking area.


These shops handle not only fresh fish and sushi, but packed goods for takeouts, as well. They also sell refrigerants and cooler bags, so this is the place to drop by if you purchase fresh food.


Please note that toilet facilities are located at the back of the shop.

If you have any problems at the Tsukiji Market, Plat Tsukiji is the place to ask for help.


Plat Tsukiji
Address: Tokyo, Chuo, Tsukiji 4-16-2
Business Hours:
Weekdays and Saturdays 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Sundays, National Holidays and Market Holidays 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Rest Area
Weekdays and Saturdays 6:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Sundays, National Holidays and Market Holidays 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Fixed Holidays:
Plat Tsukiji and Rest Area/ Year End and New Year Holidays
Wi-Fi: Available
Credit Cards: -
Language: Japanese and English
Menus and Pamphlets in Other Languages: -
Nearest Station: Tsukijishijo Station (Toei Oedo Line)
Access: 3-minute walk from the A1 Exit of Tsukijishijo Station.
Price: -
Telephone: +81-3-3541-9444
Website: Plat Tsukiji (Japanese)

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