Free Concerts! Teranone At Jokyoji Temple In Kyoto

Free Concerts! Teranone At Jokyoji Temple In Kyoto

Kyoto 2017.06.18

Jokyoji Temple on Gokomachi Dori street regularly holds a free concert series in their main hall. Enjoy music at Teranone in a small temple in Kyoto.

Translated by Kayoko Windle

Written by ふじき ゆみこ

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A Relaxing Time at Teranone

Having many high-quality restaurants and fashionable cafes recently, the Gosho Minami area in Kyoto has been spotlighted by Kyoto residents as well as visitors.

Located in the area, Jokyoji Temple on Gokomachi Dori street regularly holds free concerts in their main hall.


The series of concerts collectively are called Teranone, which literally means "Temple's Sound". It started April 2013 after the little temple in Kyoto and young musicians partnered to make a platform where people can get together through music.


This is Mr. Hiroaki Nakajima, a temple master and the face of Teranone, and Ms. Kisae Makino, who is a violinist and an organizer of Teranone.

A concert held in Higashi Honganji temple was where they first got motivated to launch the Teranone concert series. The wishes and passion of talented and budding musicians looking for opportunities to perform, and a little temple looking for more people to visit it, met and clicked immediately and they started organizing the concert Teranone.


Giving wonderful free concerts at the quiet main hall in the temple, Teranone's special charm is fascinating its many audience members which include both local residents and international visitors.

Some of the audience come to the concert to listen to the temple master's stories in-between and at the closing of the concert too.

Why Is It Free?

Various kinds of musicians in addition to classical are currently played in the concerts. Many of the audience members come back time after time to listen to the music too. They want as many people as possible to come to enjoy the concert so they don't take an admission charge. Therefore, there is no honorarium for musicians either. Instead, they take donations to the deities of the temple from audience.

The regular concert, Teranone, is held once every 3 months, from 19:00 on the first Friday of the month. Also, Koenji Temple in Kita-Shirakawa, one of the partner temples of this concert, sometimes hosts the concert as well.

If you are a music fan, please feel free to join the concert when you're in town.


Highlights of 400 Year Old Jokyoji Temple

Lastly, let's take a look at the Jokyoji temple. Built in 1604, the temple has more than 400 years of history to it. When you visit, you can see their treasures from 400 years ago on display.

For example, a statue of Renyo, who was a monk in 15th century, and a stone statue passed down carefully as a deity to protect the area can be found here.


Mr. Nakajima, the temple master, is very friendly; he belongs to the monk community, Free Styled Monks, for monks from different sects. The community called Furisuta publishes a free magazine about Buddhism as they wish for people to feel closer to Buddhism, and hold talk events regarding Buddhism as a familiar topic.

Mr. Nakajima aims to make his temple a community-based temple which is not tied down to conventions and stereotypes, while still respecting religious outlooks. Therefore, he holds a unique talk event in his temple's class once a month. You can always observe this event, so please check the webpage for more details if you are interested.


By the way, the storage house of the temple sometimes opens as a bar. They will announce on Facebook when they open the bar. If you are lucky enough to make it, go enjoy their terrace seats, which are especially great in the summer season.



Jokyoji Temple
Address: Kyoto, Nakagyo, Gokomachi-dori street, Takeya Sagaru, Matsumoto 563
Free Wi-Fi: Available
Credit Cards: Not available
Other Languages: Japanese only
Nearest Stations: Keihan Marutamachi, Karasumaru Marutamachi or Kyoto Shiyakushomae Stations
Access: From Exit 1 of Keihan Marutamachi Station, 10-minute walk from Kamogawa River; from Exit 5 of Karasumaru Marutamachi Station, 10-minute walk along Takeyamachi Dori; from Exit 10 of Kyoto Shiyakusho Mae Station, 12-minute walk along Gokomachi Dori. Or, take the bus (#s 3, 4, 10, 17, 37, 59, 65, 93, 202, 204, 205) for 5 minutes.
Religion: Buddhism
Phone: 075-211-0442
Webpage: Jokyoji Temple
Jokyoji Temple official Facebook: Jokyoji temple
Teranone official Facebook: Teranone

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