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Food in Asakusa: Popcorn at "Palomitas" Factory Store

Food in Asakusa: Popcorn at

Food in Asakusa: Popcorn at "Palomitas" Factory Store

Translated by EndoYasuko

Written by MATCHA

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Get to know Palomitas, Tokyo's most imaginative popcorn company!

Translated by EndoYasuko

Written by MATCHA

Popcorn is a big topic lately, and I'm wondering when it got this popular? Setting aside this question, I will introduce the popcorn specialized store, "Palomitas", which is located in the shita-machi(A low-lying area of a city with small independent shops and factories.) of Asakusa.


photo:Official HP

So many flavors! It has the most variety of flavors


photo:Official HP

The word "Palomitas" means popcorn in Spanish. They are proud of their more than 40 flavors of popcorn which take fine quality fruits, vegetables, and top grade green tea to make. It is a snack that not only looks good, but it also tastes good. They have a standard flavor, "sea salt" or " Chinese-style almond jelly" and "Caramelized miso, Soy sauce, and butter" which we hadn't ever tasted before.


Guess what the most popular flavor is. It's "Earl Grey"! The popcorns inside are flavored evenly, so you can share with your friend from any part of the bag.


This is a limited edition "Sakura" (Japanese cherry blossom) flavor. It would be a great gift for a party or Ohana-mi (a picnic under the cherry blossoms.) since it has a beautiful package.


It has a crunchy texture because of its caramelized coating, and much more filling than I expected, which makes it fluffy on the inside. You will get the flavor inside your entire mouth instantly when you put it in. My favorite flavor is "Kyo-matcha" (ground green tea made in Kyoto. We consider it the most precious grade tea.). It uses the tea generously, and it has a superb balance between the bitterness and  sweetness.


They are 400 yen to 500yen per package. It seems like a good deal because they're packed full in the packages.

The Founder is Attractive

This store is unique not only because the flavor and packaging. But you might find that the founder's glamorous career as a fashion model and TV reporter is also unique.



Unlike other places, they use olive oil instead of butter. Because of this, we can see the founder's commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

At Kototoi-street, Behind Sensou-ji Temple

This store is located at a 10 minute walk from Asakusa-station.


Going through the main temple of Sensou-ji, seeing this scenery...


When you see Hana-yasiki on your left and Sensou-tenple mikage-dou on your right, you are almost there. It's good within the distance of walking.


This is the land mark "Kaminari 5656 hall". You will find the store after you cross this traffic light and turn right at the first intersection.


This is the store of Palomotas Asakusa direct store. It has a quite simple exterior.


It is a well known treat, popcorn, but this store is quite unique. Why don't you have some crunchy palomitas's popcorn while you walk through Asakusa.


Palomitas direct store in Asakusa

Address: 3-5-4 Asakusa Taitou-ku Tokyo
Closest station: Asakusa-station by Tokyo Metoro Ginza line 10 Minuets waliking
Open:10:30~17:00 No regular closed day


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