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Looking for Sushi in Tsukiji? Head to Sushi Zanmai Honten!

Looking for Sushi in Tsukiji? Head to Sushi Zanmai Honten!

Translated by Laura Jacob

Written by Ai Yoneda

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There are so many sushi restaurants in the Tsukiji area that you might be unsure which to choose, but look no further! Head over to Sushi Zanmai Honten, a restaurant that is famous for its fresh, delicious and affordable sushi!

When visiting Tsukiji, you will very likely want to savor the fresh seafood available here. There are many sushi restaurants around Tsukiji Fish Market, but we would like to introduce one establishment that has English menus, as well as an itamae (chef who specializes in some form of Japanese cuisine) who can interact with customers in English. In this article, we will introduce the flagship location of the sushi chain restaurant Sushi Zanmai.

What Makes the Sushi in Tsukiji Special?

Looking for Sushi in Tsukiji? Head to Sushi Zanmai Honten!

The reason why we warmly recommend enjoying sushi in the Tsukiji area is because the sushi restaurants here use the freshest ingredients, provided directly and on the same day from the Tsukiji Fish Market.

The chefs at Sushi Zanmai purchases the seafood they need from trusted wholesalers in Tsukiji Market. Freshness is the most important quality that makes the sushi at this restaurant one of the best in Tokyo.

In other words, there’s a high possibility that the tuna you saw being sold at the auction in the morning will be on your plate as sushi if you stop by Sushi Zanmai for lunch.

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