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First Cabin Tsukiji: Fashionable and Reasonable

First Cabin Tsukiji: Fashionable and Reasonable

Translated by Shinji Takaramura

Written by Ai Yoneda

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First Cabin Tsukiji is a fashionable capsule hotel, located where you can walk to the early morning auction at the Tsukiji market.

Tsukiji Market is very popular among tourists from abroad. One of its special attractions is the tuna auction, where many visitors gather from early morning. Also, the sushi and kaisen-don [a rice bowl topped with fresh seafood] restaurants in the market tend to close early in the afternoon, so to enjoy the Tsukiji Market from early morning, the lodging has to be in its vicinity.

This article is about First Cabin Tsukiji, a hotel located within walking distance from the market, which also offers reasonably priced stays.

Gorgeous Interior inspired by a First Class Airline


Photographs Courtesy of First Cabin Tsukiji

First Cabin runs the so-called capsule hotels, and as of September, 2015, there are six hotels. MATCHA introduced First Cabin Akihabara in January, 2015, and this article features their Tsukiji hotel.

Many people tend to think of a capsule hotel as an inexpensive and cramped place. First Cabin operates on a different concept.

This hotel's concept is stylishness and high quality, like boarding first class on an airplane, where the space might be limited, but the passenger can feel totally relaxed.


There is a bar on the left side of the entrance, open to guests and non-guests alike. Some tourists visit the bar after sightseeing in Tsukiji.


The reception counter reminds the visitor of a high class hotel, while the female staff with a scarf gives the atmosphere of an airline cabin attendant. Most of the reception staff can speak English, and some staff members can also speak French, Chinese, and Korean, so tourists from abroad need not to worry.

A Secure Facility


After the check-in, the guest receives a key for the guestroom locker and a security card. This card activates the elevator leading to the guestroom floors, which are divided into two types: the mens' floor, from the second to the sixth floors; the ladies' floor, from the seventh to the eighth floors. The floors may change according to the booking of the guestrooms, as the fifth floor is sometimes turned into a ladies' floor.

To get off at the ladies' floor, the guest must use the card again, from the inside of the elevator. If a male guest's card is used, the elevator doors will not open on the ladies' floor. This security system ensures a safe stay for the female guests.


We took a look at the ladies' floor, but the guestrooms, called cabins, are said to be the same on both the mens' and ladies' floors. The entrance is guarded by a heavy red door and glass panels. Again, the guests must use the card to enter.


Each of the First Cabin's hotels has its own design concept. At First Cabin Tsukiji, the interior design is based on traditional Japanese concepts.


Photographs Courtesy of First Cabin Tsukiji

The cabins are lined up on the floors. There are two types of cabins, a first-class cabin and a business-class cabin.

First-class Cabin


This is the first-class cabin. The bed is a semi-double, and the cabin, unlike an ordinary capsule hotel, has enough space for a bedside table. The interior is done in a fashionable style, using the colors red and white.


All the cabins come with a 32-inch screen television.


The bedside wall has a jack for earphones and headphones, so the guests can enjoy the television at a loud volume. The hotel rents headphones, so if you forget to bring one, just ask the staff. There are also two outlets alongside of the jack.


On the opposite side wall, there is another outlet, a convenient feature for those using mobile phones, tablets, and PCs.


The cabin doors cannot be locked, so the guests must use the locker under the bed, which can be opened with the key from the reception. The locker is spacious, so the guests can put most of their belongings inside.

Amenities such as dressing gowns, disposable slippers, towels, toothbrushes, and shampoo are all provided. The first-class cabin charge is ¥6,800 per night. There is also a "short stay" charge, which is ¥1,000 per hour, but the guest must stay at least for two hours.

Business-Class Cabin

This is the business-class cabin.

The bed is a single, so it's smaller than the first-class cabin, but the ceiling is higher than an ordinary capsule hotel, so it feels comfortable.


Photographs Courtesy of First Cabin Tsukiji

The business-class cabin also comes with a locker, and the television also has a 32-inch screen as the first-class cabin. The size of the cabin and the bed are the only differences between the two types.

The business-class cabin charge is ¥5,800 per night. The "short stay" charge is ¥900 per hour, and the guest must stay at least for two hours.
Let's take a look at the other facilities.

The Main Bathroom


First Cabin has a large communal bathroom. Stretch your legs, relax, and you will be rejuvenated in no time.


In the dressing room, there is a notice about how to use a communal bathroom in English, simplified and original Chinese characters, Korean, and Thai. This is for the guests who aren't used to public baths or hot springs.


There is a stylishly designed shower room for those who want to bathe in private.

Powder Room: For the Female Guests


A powder room is located by the communal bathroom. It is clean, comfortable, and equipped with facial cleansers, makeup removers, and various lotions. This room can be used without extra charge, so it is appreciated by the female guests.


There is a coin-operated laundry machine by the dressing table.


First Cabin Tsukiji is a stylish, high-quality hotel. It's near Tsukiji Market, a perfect lodging for sightseeing in Tsukiji. Or, you can just drop by the bar after walking around the area.


First Cabin Tsukiji

Address: 2-11-10, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Business Hours:
Check-in/ From 17:00
Check-out/ 10:00
*The hotel is open 24/7.
Wi-Fi: Available
Credit Cards: VISA, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, NICOS, UC, SAISON, Cedyna FC, and AEON cards are accepted.
Languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and French
Pamphlets Available In: Japanese, English, Chinese (in both simplified and original characters), Korean, Thai, Vietnamise, and Indonesian.
Station: Tsukiji Station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)
One-min walk from exits 2 and 4 ofTsukiji Station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya line)
Five-min walk from exit 4 of Shintomicho Station (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho line)
Six-min walk from exit 5 of Higashi-Ginza Station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya line and Toei Asakusa)
Ten-min walk from of Ginza Station. (Tokyo Metro Ginza line, Hibiya line, and Marunouchi line)
Room Charge: From ¥5,000; charge differs according to the season and day of the week.
Phone Number: +81(0)3-5148-1130
Official Website: First Cabin Tsukiji (Japanese)

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