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4 Sushi Recommendations In Shibuya With Multi-Language Menus

4 Sushi Recommendations  In Shibuya With Multi-Language Menus

Translated by Emily Dempster

Written by Koshizuka Misato

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In this article, we introduce you to 4 popular Sushi places in Shibuya. They are all affordable, delicious and close to the station. Find out where you should go if you crave sushi at your shopping trip to Shibuya.

Sushi is the most famous Japanese cuisine. No matter where you are in Japan, chances are there will be a sushi restaurant nearby.

Shibuya, even though it's mainly popular for its shopping district, is no different. Today we will show you our top four recommended Shibuya sushi restaurants.

1. Genki Sushi Shibuya - High Quality for a Low Price


Our first pick is Genki Sushi, located in the heart of Shibuya. Genki Sushi is slightly different to an average conveyor-belt sushi. The sushi does not circle around inside the restaurant. Instead, you order via a touch panel. When your sushi is ready it is delivered straight to your table via a specialized high-speed conveyor belt. With this display of Japanese technology, Genki Sushi can guarantee that the sushi is delivered as fresh as possible.

The touch panel features English, Chinese and Korean, so even those who aren't so confident using Japanese can easily order their sushi. It is an extremely popular restaurant and you should expect some waiting time if you choose to go there.

Genki Sushi

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2. Uobei - 108 Yen Per Plate Discount Sushi


Uobei  provides delicious sushi at an affordable price. The selling point of this restaurant is that you can eat fresh sushi for 108 yen per plate.

As it is a branch store of Genki Sushi, the sushi at Uobei is delivered to your seat a high-speed conveyor belt. Isn't it awesome that you can get freshly rolled, faintly steaming sushi for such an affordable price?

They provide menus in English, Chinese and Korean.


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3. Sushi Zanmai - 24-Hour Sushi for Midnight Cravings


Sushi Zanmai  is a Tokyo-based sushi chain restaurant that has become renowned for its tuna. Besides tuna, you can also eat various toppings from across the world, all for an affordable price.

What makes this restaurant an excellent pick is that it's open all year round, 24-hours a day. You can eat sushi there whenever you like, without needing to worry about it being closed.

Also, since it is open 24-hours, you can head there after clubbing in Shibuya, or even when you get the midnight munchies in your hotel room.

On Weekdays during the day there is also a special lunch menu, so you can taste a variety of sushi for a low budget.

It has two stores in Shibuya, the Tokyu Honten-Mae Store in front of the Tokyu Department Store, and the Shibuya Station East Exit Store.

Sushi-zanmai Shibuya Tokyu Side

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Sushi Zanmai Shibuya East Exit

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4. Midori Sushi - The Ever-Popular Restaurant


Our final pick is a sushi restaurant which is always full. Midori So-Honten Shibuya, commonly known as Midori Sushi. Their key to success is undoubtedly the large amount you can eat for an affordable price. It's not surprising to find people waiting in line even outside of the regular lunch and dinner times.


Even after 1:00 pm, this line doesn't change much. This shows how popular Midori Sushi is.

Sushi no Midori

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In Conclusion

Shibuya might not be the place you think of when you think of sushi, but you'll find there are plenty of restaurants waiting to be found there.

You should try out authentic sushi at one of these places when you go to Shibuya!

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