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Sushi In A Rice Bowl!? Delicious Wild Tuna At Mata Koi Ya

Sushi In A Rice Bowl!? Delicious Wild Tuna At Mata Koi Ya

Translated by Sandy Lau

Written by Yuki ISHIBASHI

Tokyo 2017.10.10 Bookmark

There are many seafood don shops in Tsukiji, but there are few shops that specialize in a diverse maguro don menu using wild maguro (tuna). Over 10 types of maguro don are offered at Mata Koi Ya.

There are many shops with amazing seafood dishes next to Tsukiji Market, where a large scale of fresh seafood products are sold, but within those shops is a shop that specializes in wild maguro (tuna). We will introduce the Mata Koi Ya Flagship Restaurant where you can eat an ample amount of wild tuna at a low price.


It’s common to think of sushi when talking about ways to eat raw tuna, but did you know that there is actually a more economical way to eat large amounts of tuna? A dish called kaisen-don (seafood rice bowl) consists of sushimeshi (*1) served in a large bowl with sashimi (raw sliced seafood) arranged on top of rice.

The dish is available at price that is lower than what is available at sushi restaurants despite its large volume and is extremely popular. At the Mata Koi Ya Flagship Restaurant, there are plenty of choices with over ten types of tuna dons so that customers can enjoy various variations of the fish.

*1 Sushimeshi: White rice that is flavored with vinegar, salt, and sugar. It is mainly used when making sushi.


Mata Koi Ya is in a great location that is approximately a four minute walk from the entrance of the Jogai Market after leaving Exit 1 or 2 of the Hibiya Line at Tsukiji Station, just two doors down. It is located right near the entrance and is easy to find.

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