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328 Hostel & Lounge: The Closest Guesthouse To Haneda Airport

328 Hostel & Lounge: The Closest Guesthouse To Haneda Airport

Translated by Shinji Takaramura

Written by Ito Kentaro

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Looking for a place to stay that will get you to the airport on time? Then your closest option is 328 Hostel & Lounge, only 2 train stops away from Haneda Airport in the heart of Tokyo.


328 Hostel & Lounge is located two train stations away from the International Terminal of the Haneda airport. Contrary to the location, this guesthouse is surrounded by a small town atmosphere.

Ten Minutes to Haneda Airport by Bus


The nearest train station is Anamori-inari Station on the Keikyu line, which is only two stations away from the Haneda Airport International Terminal station. As of September 2015, this is the closest guesthouse to Haneda Airport.

This area used to be a thriving fishing port, and has an easygoing atmosphere, while being so close to the airport.

The guesthouse is located on a riverside area, surrounded by narrow streets. This is not a kind of an area that gets in a guidebook. But if you walk around, you can feel the everyday life of the Japanese people, something you might not be able to do at a sightseeing spot.

A Chic, Japanese Modern Interior


The chic interior of the guesthouse is illuminated by soft lighting, and the wooden furniture blends nicely with this atmosphere.

When you come back from sightseeing, it may feel just like coming home. The lighting is good, and it's quiet, so that should help gathering information for your travels.


There are three rooms: two dormitory rooms for males and females, respectively, and one private room. The total capacity is 10 guests. The number of beds are limited, so making reservations in advance is recommended.



Each dormitory room has the necessary facilities, such as safes, coat hangers, lighting, and outlets. The beds are equipped with curtains, so privacy should not be a problem.


The facilities are simple, but they are well-maintained.


There are two shower rooms for ten guests, so you need not worry, even if the guesthouse is fully booked.

Those who want to experience the Japanese-style bath should go to the sento, or public bath, nearby. Soaking in a huge bathtub is truly a Japanese experience. The necessary items for such an experience, things like towels and soap, can be purchased at the reception counter of the guesthouse.

Utilizing the Superb Location


This guesthouse is located just across the river from the Haneda Airport. For those taking the early morning flight, or want to rest as long as possible, this is the perfect lodging place.

Get on the local bus leaving at 4:45 a.m., and you can arrive at the Haneda Airport by 5 a.m.

328 Hostel & Lounge's location should be a big help to your travels.


328 Hostel & Lounge
Address: Tokyo, Ota, Haneda 3-2-8
Hours: Check-in 18:00- 01:00, Check-out until 10:00
Closed: See the official website
Wi-Fi: Available
Credit Cards: Not accepted
Language: Japanese and English
Nearest Station: Anamori-inari Station, Keikyu Line
Access: 5 minute walk from Anamori-inari Station, or 3 minute walk from Rokkenbori-eki bus stop of the Keikyu bus no.11 or no.31 (from Haneda Airport)
*The bus ride takes about 10 minutes, and the normal fare is 280 yen. Please note that the fare will be doubled in the early morning and late night hours.
Room Rates: Dormitory Room 3280 yen per person; Private Twin Bed Room 7600 yen for two persons
Phone: 03-6423-8530
Website: 328 Hostel & Lounge
Reservations can be made via e-mail.

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