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Loft: Shibuya's Secret Souvenir Store

Loft: Shibuya's Secret Souvenir Store

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Loft isn't just another variety shop! It's an amazing place to find a wide range of souvenirs, seasonal gifts, and more. Here is how to reach their Shibuya location and some of our most recommended souvenirs sold there.

Translated by Ellyn Barnes

Written by yuri.sugiyama

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Loft is a popular Japanese variety store that sells a wide range of fashionable household items and everyday necessities.

They have an amazingly diverse range of products, from stationery and kitchen utensils to cosmetics, suitcases, furniture and ornaments. Everything is stylish and high quality here, which has made Loft the go-to store for many quality-conscious shoppers in Japan.

In this article, we take you to Shibuya's Loft, and explore the different kinds of Japanese souvenirs that they offer.

Please note that Loft's range of products changes periodically, so the items available and prices may vary. The information in this article is accurate as of September 2015.

B1F The Stationery Floor: Japanese Knickknacks


The basement floor mainly focuses on stationery.


Here you can find postcards with humorous sumo wrestler designs. These are from a series called Ohagiyama - you can also buy their stamps and stickers!


This is a book cover with a Japanese-style design, made from washi, or Japanese traditional handmade paper.

Loft doesn't just sell ordinary stationery though, it also has a wide range of art and design materials. If you're a lover of all things art, why not pick up some supplies here and draw your own souvenirs?

1F Gift Floor: Special Japanese Goods Corner


On the first floor, you can find a diverse selection of gift items. Most of the products on display change with the seasons - in the colder months, you can find winter motif goods, and during the rainy season, a collection of umbrellas, wind chimes and other items.


Above you can see their selection of traditional Japanese fans, perfect for cooling yourself down during the summer heat. Their folding design makes them convenient to carry around.


On the same floor, you can also find an area dedicated to Japanese souvenirs.


Here we found a cover for carrying around small packets of tissues. This one has a fun Mount Fuji design - you can pull your tissues from Fuji's peak.

Find Japanese Cosmetics, delightful houseware and more on the other floors

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