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The Best Store for Electronics: Bic Camera Shibuya

The Best Store for Electronics: Bic Camera Shibuya

Translated by Ellyn Barnes

Written by Miku Yasuda

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Bic Camera is not only an extremely popular electronics store - it's also foreigner-friendly. We introduce the difference between the three stores in Shibuya.

Three reasons to visit Bic Camera

Japanese electronics are popular worldwide for their high quality and durability. Each and every day in Japan, electronics stores are bustling with foreign customers. Amongst the many options, one group of stores is especially recommended for tourists: Shibuya's Bic Camera. Here's why it stands out from the rest.

Reason 1. Bic Camera considers overseas customers' needs


At Bic Camera Shibuya, there are many systems in place to help improve tourists' shopping experience. For example, there are always English-speaking staff on shift. If you need advice, or don't understand the difference between certain products, being able to directly ask an employee is a real blessing.

What's more, they accept all major credit cards, including UnionPay (a type of debit card used by Chinese banks). With most Japanese stores still not accepting credit cards at all, having the option to pay by card is a welcome change.

Reason 2. You can shop tax-free


At Bic Camera, if you're a foreign visitor, you can buy all items free of tax. All you have to do is show your passport at the checkout.

Reason 3. They don't just sell electronics


Another thing that makes Bic Camera special is its wide range and large number of products, from the latest equipment to more familiar everyday goods. The stores near the east exit of the station are divided into the Main Store and Annex Store, and you can find a different array of products in each.

With so much more on offer than the usual sake, sports equipment, and electronics, we recommend Bic Camera to those searching for souvenirs that are a little bit different.


Even if you don't plan to buy anything in particular, just browsing through the latest technology is a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Which store should I go to?

With three stores in the Shibuya area alone, how do you know where to go? Here, we introduce the difference between the stores, so you can find the products you're after.

1. Shibuya East Exit Main Store

bic camera_20150918b

Shibuya East Exit Main Store is the biggest Bic Camera in Shibuya. They sell general electronics such as domestic appliances, electrical beauty products, and cameras. Located just outside the east exit of Shibuya Station, it's also extremely easy to find.

2. Shibuya East Exit Annex Store


Shibuya East Exit Annex Store is the slightly lower building just next to the main store. It specializes in cell phones, smart phones, computers, and sports gear.

3. Shibuya Hachiko Store


If you walk from the Hachiko statue towards Shibuya 109, you'll find the Shibuya Hachiko Bic Camera. It's smaller than the east exit stores, but has a well-balanced range of products from all different fields. Located on the opposite side of the station from the other two stores, this store is more convenient if you're also planning to shop at Shibuya 109.


Bic Camera Shibuya East Exit Store

[Main Store] 1-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to
[Annex Store] 1-24-10 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to
Hours: 10:00-22:00
Open year round
Accepted credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, JCB, UnionPay
English support available
Nearest station: JR Shibuya Station
Access: 1-minute walk from Shibuya Station Miyamasuzaka Exit and Exit no. 10
Telephone: 03-5466-1111

Bic Camera Shibuya Hachiko Store

Address: 1-5-9 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to
Hours: 10:00-22:00
Open all year
Accepted credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, JCB, UnionPay
English support available
Nearest station: JR Shibuya Station
Access: 5-minute walk from Shibuya Station Hachiko exit
Telephone: 03-3477-0002
Official website: Bic Camera (English machine translation available)

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