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How To Reach Tsukiji Fish Market From Shinjuku, Shibuya And Ginza

How To Reach Tsukiji Fish Market From Shinjuku, Shibuya And Ginza

Translated by Hilary Keyes

Written by Ai Yoneda

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In this article, we introduce the most convenient routes to take when traveling from Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Ginza to Tsukiji, home of the largest fish market not only in Japan but in the world!

How to Get to Tsukiji

Tsukiji Fish Market, located in the Chuo ward of Tokyo, is not only the largest fish market in Japan, but also in the world and as such sees countless visitors each day. The inner market has been relocated to Toyosu, but people can still enjoy sampling some of the best sushi, seafood, and street food here, and shopping around the outer market.

Tsukiji can be easily reached from most parts of Tokyo, and it is this ease of access that it is well-known for. Today, we will go over the best routes to take to Tsukiji from Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Ginza.

We recommend using a Suica card (a prepaid IC card) for smooth travels (available to reserve online). The Tokyo Subway Ticket allows discounted fare on getting to Tsukiji and navigating around Tokyo via all Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines.

1. Traveling from Shinjuku to Tsukiji Market

Shinjuku Station has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as being the busiest station with the highest number of daily passengers in the world.

The most convenient route to Tsukiji to take from this bustling station is the Oedo subway line. To reach Tsukiji, simply take the Oedo line bound for Roppongi/Daimon, then get off at Tsukijishijo Station. It only takes 20 minutes to travel from Shinjuku to Tsukiji Market by this route.


In order to reach the market, you will need to use the A1 Exit of Tsukijishijo Station. As soon as you step out of the exit, you will see the Chuo Ichiba (Chuo market) intersection, as it appears in the above photo. This is the entrance to Tsukiji Market.

2. Traveling from Shibuya to Tsukiji Market


Shibuya has become very famous in recent years for its bustling Scramble Crossing.

If you are planning on visiting Tsukiji from Shibuya, we recommend taking the Tokyo Metro Ginza line or the Hibiya line. At Shibuya Station, take the Asakusa-bound Ginza line subway to Ginza Station, then switch to the Hibiya line subway.

If you are taking the Hibiya line, then please board the subway train bound for Kita-Senju, and you will arrive at Tsukijishijo Station in about 5 minutes. If you are taking the Ginza line from Shibuya and then transferring trains, the total journey one-way including transfers will take about 20-25 minutes.

It is important to note that the Hibiya Line Tsukiji Station and the Oedo Line Tsukijishijo Station are two different stations located in different places, so please be careful not to confuse them.


After going out of Exit 1 of Tsukiji Station, first head south. After walking for a short distance, the distinctive Tsukiji Honganji Temple will appear on your left; from there continue to walk for about 2-3 minutes and you will find yourself at the Tsukiji 4-Chome intersection.

Continue straight through the intersection. Two intersections ahead of you, you will find the Chuo Ichiba intersection that we mentioned earlier in this article. Once you have reached this point, you will have arrived at Tsukiji Market.

See Tsukiji Honganji Temple - Amazing Architecture Near Tsukiji Market for more on this incredible temple and the surrounding area.

Traveling from Ginza to Tsukiji - Subway Route


Ginza is where you will find the majority of Japan's brand name flagship stores. Actually, Ginza is also exceptionally close to Tsukiji. In fact, from Ginza, you can either take the subway or walk to Tsukiji.

First let's take a look at the subway route.

Take the subway towards Kita-Senju at Ginza station on the subway Hibiya line and get off at the Tsukiji market. From Ginza Station to Tsukiji Station it takes only 5 minutes by subway, and the route from the station to the market itself is the same as explained in the route from Shibuya to Tsukiji.

Traveling from Ginza to Tsukiji - Walking Route

Another convenient way to reach Tsukiji Market from Ginza is to walk. In this case, we will explain how to reach Tsukiji starting from Exit A6 of the Ginza subway station.

After going out of the A6 exit, you will see the post office on your left. Keep walking straight from here.


After walking for a short distance, you will notice the Ginza Mitsukoshi building on your left. Keep walking straight onwards past this building as well.


Next you will pass the exit of the Higashi Ginza Subway Station, just keep walking straight ahead.


Soon you will arrive at Tsukiji 4-Chome intersection. The signs for the entrance to the off-site market and the light blue Lawson convenience store are your landmarks to watch out for. Turn right at this intersection and continue straight onwards.


At two intersections past the Ichibashi intersection you will find the entrance-way to Tsukiji Market.

Tsukiji Fish Market has gained international recognition and popularity partially because of its convenient access to the subway stations. If you are going to be sightseeing in Tokyo, then this a spot that you just can't miss!

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