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Kamisoe, Kyoto – Convey Your Feelings With Stationery

Kamisoe, Kyoto – Convey Your Feelings With Stationery

Translated by Sandy Lau

Written by SakamotoAyako

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When the time comes to send an important letter, we recommend writing your feelings on a message card from Kamisoe in Nishijin. Just what kind of shop is Kamisoe?

When was the last time that you wrote a letter and mailed it?

It’s because we live in a time where social media has become so popularized and widespread that many people now miss the excitement and expressiveness that getting a handwritten letter from a friend or loved one once inspired.

In Kyoto there is a shop that sells message cards that you will want to use when writing a letter to a precious someone.

Visiting the Paper Studio Kamisoe in Nishijin


That shop’s name is Paper Studio Kamisoe.

It is run in Nishijin, Kyoto, which is known as the district of artisans.


When you open the doors to the shop and studio, which once operated as a barber shop long ago, you will find various types of stationery, message cards, pochibukuro (*1), and more.

These products are created using traditional craft paper called karakami.

Exactly how are these products created?

*1 Pochibukuro: a small envelope used to enclose money and given to others during celebratory occasions.

Next PageNext, we will explain what karakami is.
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