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Sumida Aquarium - Explore The World Of Marine Life At Tokyo Skytree

Sumida Aquarium - Explore The World Of Marine Life At Tokyo Skytree

Translated by Verity Lane

Written by Keisuke Yamada

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Sumida Aquarium is adjacent to Tokyo Skytree, one of the landmarks of Japan's capital. The facility offers amazing displays that show the diversity and beauty of marine life. Enjoy watching jellyfish, penguins, rare fish, and more!

Tokyo Skytree is one of Tokyo's popular tourist attractions. An entire view of the metropolis can be seen from the observatory, as well as witnessing the towering iconic Mount Fuji (providing the weather is good!). This stunning tower not only boasts an observatory, but also houses a hidden aquarium at the base of the tower. Named Sumida Aquarium, it can be enjoyed with family or friends alike.

Let us take you through some interesting facts about this aquarium, that'll have you down there before you know it.

The Concept of Sumida Aquarium

The concept of Sumida Aquarium is about “cradling and nurturing life in water”. It's an aquarium that provides an aquatic sensory experience - where water fosters "the life of creatures", right in the midst of a big metropolis. With “Ocean of Tokyo Island” as its theme, it is a large aquarium that aims to replicate the Ogasawara Ocean. This indoor public aquarium has a pool-type structure that allows you to get a close up of penguins and seals. There are also various must-see places, including a laboratory where visitors and aquarium keepers can interact.

The Jellyfish Zone

One can see jellyfish float in a range of different sized water tanks. This distinctive area invites visitors of Sumida Aquarium to enter a world away from daily life. They are extremely beautiful creatures that have a captivating presence about them. Viewers are often transfixed into watching them for hours on end.

The Fresh Coral Reef Zone

Colorful marine creatures congregate at beautiful coral reefs, in various fascinating scenes spread across four consecutive water tanks. The longer-shaped water tank allows you to see a full 360 degree view; depending on the surface or angle, you can appreciate the different characteristics and personalities of the various creatures.

The spotted garden eels are also a popular attraction, swaying along with the current in huge swarms. These peculiar creatures live at the bottom of the coral reef, poking their heads out, following the flow of the current, and prey on zoo-plankton. Their lower body remains buried in sand at all times, and when a predator comes along, these strange creatures recoil into the hole and hide. In order to change positions, they wiggle their body and tunnel a new hole.

The Penguin Zone

Magellan Penguins play freely at this aquarium filled with roughly 350 tons of water. Visitors can get up-close with the penguins; observing the penguins' movements and expressions up-close can be quite enjoyable.

To Conclude

There are attractions other than those featured in the pictures, such as the area where you can see fur seals. There is a zone that's referred to as "Tokyo Big Aquarium", which conjures up images of Ogasawara Ocean and Tokyo Island. There is also a cozy cafe aptly named "Penguin Cafe", where they offer light meals, desserts and soft drinks. A souvenir shop where you can purchase highly sought after gifts is also on site at Sumida Aquarium.

With its unique attractions, I urge you to drop by Sumida Aquarium the next time you go to Tokyo Skytree.


Sumida Aquarium

Address: Tokyo-to Sumida-ku Oshiage1-1-2
Hours: 9:00am - 9:00pm
Closed: - (open throughout the year)
Wi-Fi: -
Credit Cards: You can use credit cards at the venue.
Languages: English/Chinese/Korean
Station: Oshiage Skytree Mae Station (押上スカイツリー前 駅) on the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line/Keisei Oshiage Line/Toei Asakusa Line,
Access: Oshiage (Skytree Mae)
Price Range: Adults 2,050 yen/High School Students 1,500 yen/Junior High/Elementary School Students 1,000 yen/Infants (Children over 3 years old) 600 yen
Religion: -
Phone Number: +81-3-5619-1821
Homepage: Sumida Aquarium

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