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Roppongi: A Town Filled with Public Art

Roppongi: A Town Filled with Public Art

Translated by Shinji Takaramura

Written by Keisuke Yamada

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Chic and posh Roppongi, has a treasure trove's worth of public art pieces that are both thought-provoking and inspiring. Here are some of them!

There are foreign embassies, foreign affiliated companies, classy clothing stores and condominiums in Roppongi, Tokyo. But there are artworks as well. Many objects of art appear in the street, and a few museums are located here. In this article, we will introduce some public art pieces in Roppongi Hills.

Chair That Disappears in the Rain

This is a work by Tokujin Yoshioka.
If you submerge a piece of glass in water, the outlines gradually disappear. On a rainy day, this chair will seemingly disappear into the scenery.


This is a work by Toyoo Ito.
The top represents a large surface of water in an urban forest, with the ripples fanning out.


This is a work by Andrea Branzi, placed between the sidewalk and the road.
It can be seen up close, but you should step back a little and observe to see the whole picture.

I Can't Give You Anything But Love

This is a work by Shigeru Uchida.
The title is from a famous jazz number, and it is said that the author designed this bench "remove the element of gravity from an object."

Where did this big stone come from? Where does this river flow into? Where am I going to?

This monument is created by Katsuhiko Hibino. It has a very long title, and you might be able to understand the meaning, if you look at the monument long enough.


This tower is created by Choi Jeong Hwa.
Made from 44 robots, the eyes and chest light up in the nighttime.


This is a work by Karim Rashid, designed in the image of an island in streaming colors, which is also an extension of the Tokyo landscape.

Kin no Kokoro

Located at the pond in Mohri Garden, this work by Jean-Michel Othoniel celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Roppongi Hills and Mori Art Museum. It consists of spheres covered in gold leaves, making a heart-shaped arch. "Kin no Kokoro" means "Golden Heart" in English.

Guardian Stone

This is a work by Martin Puryear, made from black granite. Although it looks deceptively simple, different features can be seen when observed from various angles.

Isola Calma

This is a work by Ettore Sottsass.
Placed in the middle of a busy area, a bench was created as a part of an isolated, private space. You might be able to savor a quiet moment in the bustling Roppongi area.


This is a work by Ron Arad.
The contrast between the shape of the infinite loop and the ivy, which is growing from the ground and creeping into the loop, makes an interesting scene.

Park Bench

This is a work by Jasper Morrison.
The design concept is said to be the bench itself. It is not something to draw attention, but a work of art trying to establish a balance with the surrounding environment.

In Closing

A number of artworks are interspersed along the Roppongi Hills, and visitors can see them all in about 15 minutes. The tour might be fun, as it adds another appeal to Roppongi, which is mostly filled with buildings.


The Public Artworks at Roppongi Hills

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Station: Roppongi station (六本木駅) of Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
Access: Five-minutes walk from the Hibiya Line Roppongi station.
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Official Website: Roppongi Hills Public Art and Design

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