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Four Things to Enjoy at Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi (Part 1)

Four Things to Enjoy at Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi (Part 1)

Translated by Shinji Takaramura

Written by yohei matsui

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Tokyo Midtown offers a wide variety of activities, from vegetarian cuisine to modern art. This article will introduce the four "must-do" things.

A restaurant with a vegetarian menu; a variety store specialized in Japanese-style items; a Japanese garden; contemporary art. All of these things can be found at one place in Roppongi.

Tokyo Midtown first started out as a commercial facility but has grown into a small city.

This article introduces four things you should do in Tokyo Midtown.

What Kind of a Place is Tokyo Midtown?


Just as the name suggests, Tokyo Midtown is not just a trading establishment, it is a thriving town. It consists mainly of restaurants and shops, but essential facilities such as a hospital, police box, hotel, and post office are also present.

There are two main buildings, the Galleria and the Plaza. The Plaza contains reasonably-priced shops such as UNIQLO and MUJI, while the Galleria houses many high-end restaurants and shops.


The Akasaka 9-chome police box in Tokyo Midtown

Midtown aims to inspire the the visitor's creativity, and bring life to new ideas. This is exemplified by works of art and stylish shops located all around the site, inspiring visitors who step foot into its premises.

This article will describe some things you should do in Tokyo Midtown with the aid of photographs.

1. Enjoy Delicious Meals

The first thing you should enjoy is eating. Roppongi welcomes many tourists from abroad, and there are many foreign embassies nearby. English menus are available in many restaurants, and some of them have vegetarian dishes as well. We will introduce a Japanese-style restaurant, one that even vegetarians can dine at.


The Japanese restaurant Suju Dining Rokkaku (酢重ダイニング六角) offers a great view of Roppongi, along with served dishes using vinegar and miso (fermented soybean paste).

The head office of this restaurant is located in the Shinshu area, which encompasses the Nagano and Gifu prefectures. Suju Dining Rokkaku uses fresh foodstuff produced in Shinshu, and offers healthy dishes seasoned with miso and vinegar. One of its dishes, "Vegetables and Shinshu Pork with Black Vinegar Seasoning," priced at 1,940 yen, is popular for its tasty vegetables and mild spiciness of the black vinegar.

Suju Dining Rokkaku not only has a English menu, but dishes also can be changed to suit a vegetarian diet at the customer's request. Please note that vegetarian dishes require advanced notification.


This is Chowder's SOUP & DELI, a soup restaurant with a bakery attached. The soup is packed with fish and vegetables, recommended for people looking for a light snack. There are eight types of soup to choose from, such as a bisque made from fish broth, and a clam chowder with a wide variety of vegetables.

The "Farmer's Market Vegetable" soup is made completely from vegetables, so it's a popular choice for vegetarians and women who keep watch of their nutritional balance. This restaurant also offers vegetable-based delicatessen dishes and natural yeast bread. It also has an eat-in section, so it's an ideal place to take a break while shopping.

So, what are the other remaining three things to enjoy at Tokyo Midtown? Read on.


Tokyo Midtown

Address: Tokyo Akasaka Minato-ku 9-7-1
Wi-Fi: Available
Credit Cards: JCB、VISA、Master, Diner's Club, American Express, UC, DC, UFJ, Nicos, Central, Orico, JACCA, Life, Saison, Aeon Credit, OMC, Tokyu TOP, TS Cubic, Cedyna、DISCOVER、MUFG、Rakuten, UnionPay, Tokyo Midtown, and VJA Gift cards are accepted.
Station: Roppongi Station (Toei Subway Oedo Line or Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)
No. 8 exit of the Toei Subway Oedo Line is connected directly to Tokyo Midtown.
Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line is connected to the Tokyo Midtown via an underground pass.
Telephone: +81-3-3475-3100
Official Website: Tokyo Midtown

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