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6 Recommended Souvenir Shops in Shinjuku

6 Recommended Souvenir Shops in Shinjuku

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Not sure what to buy as souvenirs from Japan? This article will help you decide! We introduce a selection of six souvenir shops in Shinjuku.

Translated by Briony Dunbar

Written by Inubushi Yoshiyuki

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Buying souvenirs is one of the things to look forward to during your vacation. It is also pretty fun to shop for the sake of your family, friends or loved ones. Not sure what Japanese souvenirs to get? Worry not as we will introduce you to some recommended souvenir shops in Shinjuku!

1. Don Quijote Shinjuku-Higashiguchi Main Store


First up is Don Quijote, the general discount store which can be found all over Japan. One of its characteristics is that various kinds of products are sold at a rather reasonable price.

In addition, there are services which can prove invaluable for tourists visiting Japan. For instance, most merchandise is duty-free, and there is a delivery service that ships your purchases straight to the airport when you're heading home. Not only can you pay in Japanese yen, but also in Chinese yuan, Taiwanese dollars, Korean won, Thai baht, Hong Kong dollars, US dollars, and Euros.

This store also boasts the widest array of products in Tokyo and is open 24 hours, so you should come here if you are at a loss as to what souvenirs you can get.

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