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Savor Sushi In Shinjuku - 5 Restaurants For Every Occasion!

Savor Sushi In Shinjuku - 5 Restaurants For Every Occasion!

Translated by Briony Dunbar

Written by Inubushi Yoshiyuki

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Whether you are eating alone, with family or prefer a stand-up meal, here are five great sushi restaurants to fit your needs!

Sushi is synonymous with Japanese cuisine. At MATCHA, we've introduced many sushi restaurants before, and this time round we will introduce five sushi restaurants in Shinjuku which have English menus and different styles to them.

1. Uogashi Nihonichi: When You Want to Eat with Friends and Family


Uogashi Nihonichiserves fresh fish newly bought from Tsukiji's auction every morning.

You should definitely try out the Kohada (gizzard shad) sushi. The chefs know that relying purely on the freshness of Kohada is not sufficient to make it delicious, so it is seasoned with salt and vinegar after slicing. The delicate seasoning matches well with the fattiness of the in-season Kohada, and coupled together with the well-matched lightly sweetened vinegared rice (rice used for sushi that has been cooked in kombu and seasoned with vinegar and sugar), allows the flavors to spread throughout your mouth with a depth you cannot experience with any other sushi.

Shinjuku-Minamiguchi-ten is characteristic for being rather close to the station, as it is a five minute walk along Koshukaido Street from the south exit. There’s a bountiful assortment of food, and courses range from 3,500 yen to 5,500 yen. Seating arrangements come in wide varieties, consisting of tatami rooms called zashiki where you sit on the floor in front of a low table and eat, table seats (with private rooms also available) as well as counter seats. Not only is it good for couples and large family groups, it is also ideal for times when customers prefer eating alone.

Plus there's also peace of mind because there are English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) and Korean menus.

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