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Savor Sushi In Shinjuku - 5 Restaurants For Every Occasion!

Savor Sushi In Shinjuku - 5 Restaurants For Every Occasion!

Savor Sushi In Shinjuku - 5 Restaurants For Every Occasion!

Translated by Briony Dunbar

Written by Inubushi Yoshiyuki

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Whether you are eating alone, with family or prefer a stand-up meal, here are five great sushi restaurants to fit your needs!

Translated by Briony Dunbar

Written by Inubushi Yoshiyuki

2. Try Eating While Standing at Uogashi Nihonichi Tachigui!


Next up is Uogashi Nihonichi Tachigui Shinjuku Nishiguchi-ten, a store where you eat in the Tachigui (stand-up meal) style. This restaurant belongs to the Uogashi Nihonichi chain restaurants, and you can eat extremely fresh fish just like at Uogashi Nihonichi.

Sushi was originally designed as fast-foods, aimed at customers who prefer to eat quickly and return to work immediately. While it is now common to sit in a proper chair and eat, previously it was actually in vogue to have stand-up meals, and you can experience that traditional style at Shinjuku-Minamiguchi-ten. Not to mention that the sight of sushi chefs preparing your meal is rather compelling. One distinctive feature is that sushi is very cheap, with each piece starting from 75 yen. English menus are also available and the business is absolutely thriving with tourists.

How about trying some chic Edo-era food culture at a reasonable price?

3. If You Want a Little Extravagance, Try Asahizushi Sohonten


The Shinjuku Sumitomo Building, which is now a mere skyscraper among many, was in fact the tallest building in Japan at the time of completion. Asahizushi Sohonten is located on the 50th floor.

The word 'asashi' in the name Asahizushi Sohonten refers to the rising sun, and also holds the meaning of devoting oneself day after day, endlessly crafting sushi with a desire to improve oneself. There is a huge variety of seafood cuisine and sushi made from carefully selected ingredients as well as seasonal courses made using seasonal ingredients, imparting exquisite depths of flavor and served to customers with the highest degree of service.

In addition, one feature of this store is the scenery you can view from its 200 meters-high vantage point. You can see the nature of Shinjuku Gyoen National Gardens during lunch, and enjoy a dazzling night view come dinner time. Eating delicious sushi while viewing the stunning scenery will definitely be a memory you can cherish forever!

Owing to the fact that plenty of hotels are situated near Sumitomo Building as well as English menu-availability, this restaurant attracts lots of tourist customers.

We highly recommend this to people who wish to enjoy the night view from the free observation room on the 51st floor of this building.

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