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Savor Sushi In Roppongi: 5 Must-Try Restaurants Sure To Please!

Savor Sushi In Roppongi: 5 Must-Try Restaurants Sure To Please!

Translated by Briony Dunbar

Written by Ai Yoneda

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If you want to try high-quality sushi, Roppongi is the place to go. Here are 5 sushi restaurants that have English language support.

Bustling Roppongi, situated in Tokyo's Minato ward. Not only is the Roppongi area a popular sightseeing spot, it is also home to many expatriates. Roppongi has many restaurants where you can eat sushi, the food representative of Japan.

1. Sushi Seizan


First let’s take a look at Sushi Seizan, a stand-out restaurant in Roppongi Hills. At Seizan they serve sushi made with fresh fish from Tsukiji, the largest fish market in the world, which is also conveniently located in Tokyo.

In addition to regular sushi and chirashi-zushi (a type of sushi in which a bowl of seasoned sushi rice is topped with various seafood), they have international types of sushi on their menu as well, including California rolls, crab rolls, and more. Visitors who are not used eating raw fish will be able to enjoy plenty of sushi here with ease.

In addition, as Roppongi Hills is not only a shopping center but also a large office building, lots of business people work here. They have takeaway menus for those wanting to eat outside or in their office, so you can also order your sushi to go and enjoy it in your hotel or in the park instead.

You should try it out if you are shopping at Roppongi Hills or planning to stay nearby.

2. Itamae Sushi Roppongi Store


Although there are many famous restaurants available in Roppongi, their menus tend to be on the pricey side of the scale. But there is actually a place where you can enjoy rather affordable sushi: Itamae Sushi Roppongi branch.

At Itamae Sushi, sushi starts from a surprising 98 yen. They serve various fish dishes, from the popular nigiri to sushi rolls which aren’t wrapped in seaweed; they also serve sashimi, donburi (a large bowl of rice topped with ingredients), cooked fish, and other dishes.

What’s really awesome is that since they are open 24 hours and all year long, you can eat delicious sushi at any time! Those who want to casually enjoy Japanese sushi should visit Itamae Sushi Roppongi Store.

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