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Genki Sushi In Shibuya - Unique, Tasty and Creative Sushi For 108 Yen!

Genki Sushi In Shibuya - Unique, Tasty and Creative Sushi For 108 Yen!

Translated by Ellyn Barnes

Written by Miku Yasuda

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Genki Sushi is one of the most unique Sushi chains in Japan. In this article, we introduce you to its unique menu and show you why it is so popular with Japanese people and visitors alike.

Genki Sushi is an extremely popular sushi restaurant in Shibuya. You might be wondering,
in a town full of sushi stores, what makes it so well-loved by everyone?

Let's discuss the secrets to its success, as well as our favorites from the

What is Genki Sushi?


Genki Sushi was founded in 1968 with the promise of bringing sushi to the masses. In this article, we will talk about the Shibuya store, but Genki Sushi is actually a chain restaurant, with locations all over the country.
It has a welcoming, bright atmosphere and wallet-friendly prices. One might assume the prices reflect the quality. However, Genki sushi is very well known for its astonishing high quality at a budget-friendly price point.

Genki Sushi is also always famous for their ever-changing seasonal menu full of interesting twists on traditional sushi.

Fun from Start to Finish - Touch Screens and High-speed Lanes


Genki Sushi's biggest selling point is it's unique ordering system.
First, you choose your language using the touch screen panel above your table, There are five languages to choose from in total: Japanese, English, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified) and Korean.

Genki Sushi In Shibuya - Unique, Tasty and Creative!

To place an order, simply choose what you want to eat, how many of the item you want, and lastly press the order button. You can put up to 5 items in your cart before you order. Then wait for the fun part.

Genki Sushi In Shibuya - Unique, Tasty and Creative!

We've already introduced the fact that the touch panel menu has five available languages. However, Genki Sushi's consideration for their foreign
doesn't end there.


They also have a printed menu available. Should you need one, just let a member of staff know. It comes with English translations and pictures to make the ordering process easier for non-Japanese speakers.

Furthermore, they have English-speaking staff should you have any questions. Some staff members even can speak Chinese and Korean.

Something for Everyone - Over 100 Kinds of Sushi


Genki Sushi has a vast variety of popular sushi options like Salmon, Tuna, Eel, and Shrimp. 

Genki Sushi In Shibuya - Unique, Tasty and Creative Sushi For 108 Yen!

However, the also have some more experimental versions of classic sushi like Salmon with Avocado (108 yen), Shrimp with Green Onion and Chilli Oil (108 yen) and Fresh Ham (108yen).

Some people never dare to try sushi because they can't imagine eating rare fish. For that reason, Genki Sushi has prepared their own original menu!

Genki Sushi In Shibuya - Unique, Tasty and Creative Sushi For 108 Yen!

This menu includes
Jumbo Fried Prawn (108 yen), Conger Eel (108 yen) and Hamburger (120 yen) sushi, all of which use
cooked meat or fish.
They also have vegetarian options like Pickled Wasabi Eggplant (108 yen), Cucumber (108 yen) and Corn with Mayonaise (108 yen)

Genki Sushi In Shibuya - Unique, Tasty and Creative Sushi For 108 Yen!

They also have an extensive side menu with french fries, fried chicken, udon and even ramen.

Genki Sushi In Shibuya - Unique, Tasty and Creative!

They also offer an extensive sweets menu and sometimes they even try their hand in dessert sushi like with this Blueberry and Cream Sushi which was available in 2015 for a short time.

So even if you can't eat raw food or meat, you can still enjoy sushi here!

Our Top Three Plates

Finally, allow us to show you our top three favorite picks from the Genki Sushi menu.

Medium Fatty Tuna (240 yen)

Genki Sushi In Shibuya - Unique, Tasty and Creative!

Toro is the name for a fatty cut of tuna, known for the way it melts in your mouth. There are two kinds of toro, otoro and chuutoro, with the former being fattier than the latter.

Genki Sushi's chuutoro, or medium fatty tuna,
is always served on the same day it's delivered to the store, and so it's guaranteed to be fresh. This particular sushi is so well-loved, it often sells out before evening comes around - so get there fast!

Seared Sushi Trio(190 yen)

Genki Sushi In Shibuya - Unique, Tasty and Creative!

Seared sushi is a type of nigiri (hand-pressed rice with topping) sushi made with raw fish that has been lightly seared. This allows you to enjoy the taste of both raw and roasted fish in one bite. This type of sushi is perfect even for those who don't like raw fish!

This seared sushi trio includes tuna, shrimp, and salmon. It is topped with mayonnaise, black pepper, and tsuketare, a special sweetened soy sauce that goes perfectly with sushi and sashimi alike. This topping means you don't have to dip it in soy sauce.

Only Available in Shibuya:
Seafood Rainbow Roll (240 yen)

Genki Sushi In Shibuya - Unique, Tasty and Creative!

Finally, we have the Seafood Rainbow Roll, a Shibuya Genki Sushi favorite. This dish is an uramaki (reverse-rolled sushi, with rice on the outside), which is especially popular in sushi restaurants overseas.

Inside the roll, you'll find the fish of the day, such as tuna or yellowtail, topped with lettuce, cucumber, and mayonnaise.

Try Unique and Delicious Sushi

Hungry yet? If you want to try this staple of Japanese cuisine for yourself, why not head to Genki Sushi for a fun and relaxed meal. Here tradition meets creativity and you might be able to try sushi you never even imagined. Find out for yourself just what makes it so popular on your next trip to Shibuya!

Genki Sushi

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