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Enjoy A Classy Stay At The Keio Plaza Hotel In Shinjuku

Enjoy A Classy Stay At The Keio Plaza Hotel In Shinjuku

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This article takes a look at the long-established Keio Plaza Hotel. Located in Shinjuku, it has everything you'd ever need, from bars and restaurants to a gym.

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by Koshizuka Misato

Every day many people come and go through the streets of Shinjuku. For many people, Shinjuku is a prime candidate for lodging, due to its central Tokyo location and its great public transportation access. This article will introduce a popular and well-established hotel in the Shinjuku area: the Keio Plaza Hotel.

The Keio Plaza Hotel Is Popular with Domestic and International Guests


Photos courtesy of: Keio Plaza Hotel

Built as Japan’s first high-rise hotel in 1971, the Keio Plaza Hotel is highly popular even four decades later. In addition to 1,437 guest rooms, there are 16 restaurants, nine bars and 39 meeting halls. Many people from Japan and international visitors have stayed at this hotel, and it is said that the Keio has welcomed more than 100 million guests from more than a hundred countries.


Photos courtesy of: Keio Plaza Hotel

The hotel’s main building is 47 floors high, while the southern building is 34 floors high. From the guest rooms and the restaurants and facilities within the hotel, you can get a commanding view of Shinjuku at night. Five minutes from JR Shinjuku on foot, the Keio is conveniently located by the Shinjuku Government Office observatory, where you can look out at all of Shinjuku, and Shinjuku Central Park. More than half of the Keio’s annual visitors are from overseas, so multilingual staff are permanently stationed at the concierge desk in the lobby to help you if you need something. Many notices in the hotel, such as emergency procedure explanations, advertisements and other displays, are available in multiple languages for non-Japanese speakers.

An Introduction to the Keio’s Varied Room Types

There are 1,437 guest rooms in the Keio Plaza Hotel, and you can choose one according to your preferences and needs. In this article, we will take a look at three room types which we recommend for overseas visitors: the “Luxury Fours” rooms, the “Hello Kitty” rooms and the “Japanese-style” rooms. Other room types include the “Plaza Luxe” rooms, perfect for business travelers, and the “Universal” rooms, which can be used by the physically disabled.

Luxury Fours Rooms


Photos courtesy of: Keio Plaza Hotel

The Luxury Fours room is convenient for families and groups. A table is set up in the spacious room, which has four beds and two bathrooms, so there is no need to rush even on busy mornings.

Japanese Rooms


Photos courtesy of: Keio Plaza Hotel

These genuine Japanese rooms have all-tatami flooring and bathtubs made of cedar, and from the bathroom window, you can get a view of miniature gardens built inside the rooms. There are yukata instead of bathrobes, and futons instead of beds. These rooms can be used by up for four guests, who can fully experience Japanese culture through bathing in cedar bathtubs, wearing yukata and sleeping on futons.

Hello Kitty Rooms


Photos courtesy of: Keio Plaza Hotel

These rooms are themed around Japan’s popular mascot Hello Kitty, who is beloved around the world. The rooms are very popular with Hello Kitty fans because everything in them, from the interior design to the amenities, has been made with a Hello Kitty motif. The rooms see a never-ending flow of guests each day. There are two Hello Kitty room types at the Keio Plaza Hotel: the grown-up but girlish “Princess Kitty” rooms (pictured) and the pop-esque “Kitty Town” rooms.

Get Everything You Need, Without Leaving the Hotel: An Introduction to the Hotel Facilities

Find Something You’d Like to Eat at the Various Restaurants


Photos courtesy of: Keio Plaza Hotel

The Keio Plaza Hotel has 25 eating and drinking establishments, and the Japanese restaurants are particularly recommended. Without leaving the hotel, you can eat authentic Japanese dishes including sushi, sukiyaki, shabu-shabu (hot pot), tempura, udon, soba and traditional kaiseki course meals. You can also choose from Chinese, French, Italian and Korean restaurants depending on how you’re feeling that day. In addition, there is a Japanese sake bar on the second floor, where you can drink sake sourced from places all over Japan. At the bars on the upper levels, you can enjoy sipping a drink as you look down at a night view of Shinjuku.

Get Everything from Souvenirs to Staple Items at the Convenience Store


Photos courtesy of: Keio Plaza Hotel

There is a convenience store, Seikatsu Saika, on the first floor. It stocks everything from lifestyle items like combs and writing implements to stuffed animals and more. It is open from 05:00 to 02:30 in the morning, so you can buy things whenever you realize you need them, even at late hours.

Work Up a Sweat Anytime in the Fitness Room


Photos courtesy of: Keio Plaza Hotel

There is also a fitness room in the hotel. It faces out onto the Tokyo Government Office building, and the Keio Plaza Hotel is the only place where you can work out as you look down at the streets of Shinjuku. The fitness room is open 24 hours a day, and can be used for free by hotel guests, which is a helpful service for those who want to stay active during their trip.

Experience Japanese Cultural Events Just by Staying at the Hotel

Keio Plaza Hotel does not provide an optimal lodging experience. The hotel also actively carries out introductions to Japanese culture. There are plenty of events all throughout the year where you can experience Japan, a few of which we will introduce here.

Annual Events


Photos courtesy of: Keio Plaza Hotel

The Keio Plaza Hotel holds various events in the lobby in accordance with different seasons. The photo is of the lobby around Girls’ Day, a March 3rd event that is meant to pray for the health and wholesome development of girls. The sight of thousands of various hanging ornaments, all with different meanings, is overwhelming. Displays of Saga’s traditional Aritayaki porcelain, art exhibitions featuring the World Heritage Site Mt. Fuji, and all sorts of other events are held each month, which you can enjoy when you check in.

Get in the Bridal Spirit by Wearing a Kimono


Photos courtesy of: Keio Plaza Hotel

At the Keio Plaza Hotel, you can wear traditional kimono that are worn by brides and grooms at Japanese weddings. Each layer of clothing and the hair-setting will be arranged carefully by a professional, so you can feel what it’s like to join a real wedding. It’s quite rare to have the chance to try on a wedding kimono at a hotel, so it will surely be a valuable experience.

Experience a Tea Ceremony at Shofuan

keio_plaza_hotel_tea_ceremony_room 20121022

Photos courtesy of: Keio Plaza Hotel

At Shofuan on the 10th floor of the main building, you can try a tourist-oriented tea ceremony for free. The schedule is irregular, so ask if there will be a tea ceremony while you’re there, as it is a good chance to experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

Keio Plaza Hotel

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