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The Impressive Kegon Falls - One Of Japan's Three Great Waterfalls

The Impressive Kegon Falls - One Of Japan's Three Great Waterfalls

Translated by Takuya Erik Watanabe

Written by Keisuke Yamada

Tochigi 2017.10.21 Bookmark

Kegon Falls is one of the Three Great Waterfalls of Japan. Located near Lake Chuzenji, it offers magnificent views throughout the different seasons. An elevator will take you closer to the waterfall where you can experience mother nature at its greatest.

Have you ever heard of the Three Great Waterfalls of Japan? They are commonly known as Nachi Falls in Kumano, Wakayama, Fukuroda Falls in Okukuji, Ibaraki, and Kegon Falls in Nikko, Tochigi.

Today, we'll be introducing Nikko's Kegon Falls.

Kegon Falls - Wonderful Scenery in Nikko

There are 48 waterfalls in the Nikko area. The most famous of them all is Kegon Falls. Nearby is Lake Chuzenji, the source of the rushing 97 meter waterfall.

Visitors can experience all that Mother Nature has to offer throughout the different seasons. May offers fresh verdure, while swallows fly around the lake in June. Twelve smaller waterfalls around the main one freeze in January and February, coloring the entire scene in an icy blue.

An Elevator Ride to the Waterfall

You can see Kegon Falls free of charge, but since you've come all the way here, we recommend getting on an elevator that will take you closer up to the waterfall.

You'll find a building like this by the waterfall. This is where you can purchase your ticket to the elevator. The fare is 550 yen for adults and 330 yen for elementary school students. The ride is about 100 meters long.

Since we were a party of four, our tickets were given to us connected like the photo above.

The elevator is operated as shown here, so you will walk a little after get off.

Video of Kegon Falls

Here's a video we took for your enjoyment. The real deal is even more impressive, so we hope you add this special spot to your travel itinerary!

Lake Chuzenji

Let's also take a look at Lake Chuzenji, the water source of Kegon Falls.

The lake is located atop a mountain that was created from the eruption of nearby Mount Nantai about 20,000 years ago. It is the largest lake in Tochigi prefecture, and also boasts the highest elevation in Japan. The lake has a circumference of about 25 kilometers, and would take nine hours to walk around.

It attracts many visitors during the autumn leaf season, when visitors enjoy relaxing by the lake.

Lake Chuzenji also offers sightseeing boats that allow guests to enjoy the surrounding view from the lake itself.

In Conclusion

What did you think? Nikko is especially well-known for its Toshogu Shrine, but Kegon Falls is also just a 40 minute bus trip from Nikko Station. There are also many restaurants in the area where you can enjoy the famous yuba cuisine.

Don't miss Kegon Falls when you're in Nikko!


Kegon Falls
Address: Tochigi, Nikko, Chugushi
Hours: March-November 8:00-17:00 December-February 9:00-16:30 *Elevator hours
Closed: -
Wi-Fi: -
Credit Cards: -
Other Languages: -
Nearest Station: JR, Tobu Nikko Station
Access: From JR, Tobu Nikko Station, 40 minute bus ride on Tobu bus for Chuzenji Onsen, 5 minute walk from Chuzenji Onsen bus stop
Price Range: Adult 550 yen, elementary school student 330 yen
Phone Number: +81-288-55-0030
Official Website: Kegon Falls (Japanese)

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