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Stay In A Renovated Traditional House - Usagi-no-nedoko, Kyoto (1)

Stay In A Renovated Traditional House - Usagi-no-nedoko, Kyoto (1)

Translated by Tomoka Aono

Written by SakamotoAyako

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A renovated traditional housei, Usagi-no-nedoko is a gorgeous combination of a guesthouse, shop and cafe with an atmosphere that is truly unique. In this article we focus on their guesthouse and shop.

What do you want to experience when you are in Kyoto? Would you like to stay in a Japanese ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) or go shopping to find something nice for your friends and family? Or do you want to taste Japanese cuisine?

There is a place in Kyotowhere you can experience all these things and more. Usagi-no-nedoko is a truly unique place where you can enjoy staying, shopping and eating.

What is Usagi-no-nedoko?

Located in Nishiōjiike in Kyoto, Usagi-no-nedoko is a renovated kyō-machiya originally constructed in the early Shōwa period.

Usagi-no-nedoko consists of three parts, which are Yado (Guesthouse), Mise (Shop), and Café (Cafe).
In this post, you can find information about Yado and Mise.

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Yado - Limited to One Group per Day


Yado is a unique guesthouse where only one group is able to stay each day.

This is because they want your stay in the traditional house to feel as though you were living there. Let’s find out more about what life in Yado is like.


This is one of the bathrooms.

The bathtub is big enough for even tall people to stretch their legs out, a feature that is hard to find at the majority of guesthouses in this neighborhood.

“I want to offer a relaxing bath time to my guests, who came all this way to stay in my place. Guests with children especially need more space and privacy, and I wanted families to be able to enjoy bathing together.” - Junko Yoshimura, PR manager of Usagi-no-nedoko.


The bathing room is not just large, it also has a wonderful view of the beautiful garden from the window, making it a comfortable place to settle back and relax.

Now let’s take a look on the second floor.


There are two big rooms available on the second floor.

When this building was renovated, they tried to leave as much of the historical architecture as it was before so that guests could enjoy the authentic atmosphere and sense of warmth that a kyō-machiya has.

One area that was fully modernized however was the toilet and sink room, which is well-decorated.

Mise - the Museum-like Shop


While you can immerse yourself in the old eras of Japan in Yado, Mise (the shop), gives you an entirely different impression - it’s as if you have stumbled into a natural history museum. The exclusive atmosphere attracts many visitors every day.


All of the goods sold in Mise are natural products - from plants, minerals, and animals. You can find many items with plant-motifs, which are displayed as though they were in a museum.


Sola cube, the original product of Usagi-no-nedoko is something you definitely must take a closer look at.

A sola cube is a 4 cm squared acrylic cube with seeds or flowers and petals inside.

The sola cube was invented to show its viewers the attractive and mysterious shapes of flowers, fruits and seeds of plants which have existed in various forms for the past 3.8 billion years, since biological life began on earth.

These truly unique cubes and more are available at Mise. Please come and search for other treasures at Usagi-no-nedoko.


The owner wanted to create a place where plantlife and humans could interconnect. While viewing these natural items in this historical atmosphere, you can truly appreciate the attention to detail at Usagi-no-nedoko. In Part 2, we visit the Cafe and try some of the impeccable dishes on offer at this charming kyōmachi.


Usagi-no-nedoko ウサギノネドコ

Address: Kyoto, Chūō, Nishinokyō Minamiharamachi 37
Hours: Shop 11:00-18:30, Cafe 11:30-22:00 (last order 21:00)
Closed: Mise/Cafe on Thursdays
Wi-fi: Yes
Credit cards: –
Other Languages: –
Menus in Other Languages: –
Nearest Station: Nishiōji Oike Station (西大路御池駅), Tōzai line subway
Access: 2 minute walk east from Nishiōji Oike Station
Price range: –
Phone number: Accommodations & Shop +81-3-075-366-8933 Cafe +81-3-075-366-6668
Website: Usagi-no-nedoko

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