Where You can Find ATM Available with International Brand Credit

Where You can Find ATM Available with International Brand Credit


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Written by Kazuyuki Sato

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Even when you travel to foreign countries (including Japan, of course!), you can easily use cash advance with your international brand credit. One of the most widespread ways to use it is PLUS card at PLUS-linked ATMs. Sometimes using cash advance at the destination costs less than exchanging foreign currency in your own country, so this system is very convenient for many of us.

However, the number of PLUS-linked ATMs is limited in Japan and few of us know where cash advance is available for people from other countries. Let's look at the places where we can withdraw cash internationally.

Seven Bank (セブン銀行)

Seven Bank has 19,422 PLUS-linked ATMs at 7-Eleven Convenience stores located nationwide (March 12, 2014). If you need to use cash advance, going to the nearest 7-Eleven Convenience store might be your best choice.

Moreover, ATMs at 7-Eleven cover not only PLUS card, which is for Visa credit, etc. but also other international brand credit, such as Cirrus operated by MasterCard worldwide.

Japan Post Bank (ゆうちょ銀行)

Japan Post Bank is the first banking institution which started to cover international brand credit in Japan. Around-the-clock service is limited to only some ATMs here compared to Seven Bank ATMs. Also, the number of Post offices themselves are relatively fewer.

However, Japan Post Bank covers China UnionPay(中国銀聯), which is very popular in China, as well as PLUS and Cirrus.

VIEW ALTTE (ビュー・アルッテ)

VIEW ALTTE ATMs are located at large train stations of JR East. When you cannot find a 7-Eleven Convenience store, you can withdraw cash at a large train station as well. However, the number of international brand credit covered is limited at VIEW ALTTE ATMs.

These are the ATMs available for your international brand credit at relatively many places in Japan. But still, Japan doesn't have as much accessibility when compared to other countries.

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