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Healthy Souvenirs! Pharmaceutical Products Sold At Drugstores (Part 2)

Healthy Souvenirs! Pharmaceutical Products Sold At Drugstores (Part 2)

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This is a second article introducing Japanese pharmaceutical products and medicine that you can purchase as souvenirs at drugstores across the country.

Translated by Jay Issei Karslake

Written by Koshizuka Misato

Japanese pharmaceutical products are very popular because of their high quality and safeness. In this continuation of the first article, we will be introducing some more high selling pharmaceutical products that travelers to Japan can purchase from drugstores around town.

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Rohto Pharmaceutical Company Lycée (8ml) 508 yen (without tax)

Lycée is popular for its cute appearance and functionality. Reviews state that it turns your bloodshot eyes, tired from too much smartphone or computer use, back to normal and that it makes black colored eyes stand out while taking into consideration the condition of your tired eyes. It seems that many people purchase it as a souvenir. Lycée is mainly used by women who want to keep their eyes looking clear and alert. It's a product that is priced just right and functions perfectly, making it a great souvenir for yourself or others.

Sante Beautéye


Santen Pharmaceutical Company Sante Beauteye (15ml) 1,500 yen (without tax)

Sante Beautéye is eye medicine that has taurine, which promotes the decrease in turnover (*1) which accompanies old age and Vitamin B12 which soothes your tired eyes, as well as other medicines. It's gathering attention as an eye changing eye medicine because many people that use it daily have been saying that their eyes have been less bloodshot and that the tiredness of their eyes has decreased.

*1 Turnover: Cells being newly created. The metabolism of cells.



Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company Ninokyua (30g) 1,200 yen (without tax)

Ninokyua (ニノキュア) fixes the bumps on your two arms that may have been bugging you. It softens the bumpiness that occurs when your pores become clogged and it reduces any redness. It's a cream that's loved by women who dream of having smooth skin on their arms.



Kokan-do Pharmaceutical Company Byu-rakkuA (400 pills) 798 yen (without tax)

Byu-rakkuA (ビューラック) is a popular product among people who suffer from constipation. It's popular because it works for not only to relieve constipation, but its accompanying symptoms such as sluggishness, hot flashes, rough skin, and breakouts. It's a popular product among people who have seen their bowel health change for the worse due to dietary or lifestyle changes - it is said that taking a dose before bed means that you will have the ‘ideal bowel movement’ the next day.

Haitio-ru C+


SS Pharmaceutical Company Haitio-ru C+ 180 pills 1,795 yen (without tax)

Haitio-ru C+ (ハイチオール C+) is a popular choice if you really want to fix your skin’s imperfections and freckles. It not only lightens any spots that may have already appeared, but it defends against the excessive secretion of melanin and helps to block more marks from appearing. It also displays some effectiveness in promoting your body’s natural metabolism and reducing the tiredness and fatigue from your body.

Face Lotions


Please try Japanese face lotions. In Japan, many companies have released their own types that suit issues people may have with their skin. Out of all the options available, the ones that are especially popular are Sekkisei from KOSE, which is greatly supported by users who say it leads to beautiful white skin, HAKU from Shiseido (Shiseido below), ELIXIR also from Shiseido, which is said to make skin firmer, and Suisai by Kanebo Cosmetics Company, a product supported by women in their late twenties who say they can feel the moisturizing action working. Safe and high-quality Japanese face lotions make for a good reward for yourself or as the perfect souvenir.

Baby Goods


Paper diapers, powdered milk, and other baby goods have been especially gaining attention in recent years. Diapers made in Japan are soft on the baby's skin and blessed with breathability, making them very popular abroad too. Merries (メリーズ) by Kao and Moony (ムーニー) by Uni Team are especially popular.

Matcha Flavored Snacks


Matcha flavored snacks are something you can't forget as a souvenir. Their sweet, yet slightly bitter taste is distinctive to matcha flavored snacks. It's become a classic Japanese souvenir. How about buying a value pack of snacks and then handing them out to your friends?

Enzyme Supplements

Enzyme supplements have been gaining popularity recently with those who dream of beautiful skin, successful diets, getting constipation relief, and for overall maintaining your health through taking these supplements. Those made from fermented plant extracts and those that use raw enzymes sell especially well. If you're wondering which one to buy, how about asking the helpful staff at Big Exit (Japanese), who speak English and Chinese.

Coverage cooperation: Big Exit (Big Exit Big Camera Shinjuku East Exit Store)
*All products are prices from November 13th, 2015. Prices may vary depending on the season and store.

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Shinjuku East Exit Big Exit (Big Exit Big Camera Shinjuku East Exit Store)
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Price Range: Depends on product
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Phone number: +81-3-3226-1111
Website: Big Exit Big Camera Shinjuku East exit store (English translation available)

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