Taste Kikanbo's Fiery Miso Ramen In Ikebukuro - Feel The Flames!

Taste Kikanbo's Fiery Miso Ramen In Ikebukuro - Feel The Flames!

Tokyo 2017.09.13

At the popular ramen store Kikanbo in Ikebukuro, they serve regular miso ramen with an extremely hot and spicy flavor. Its 'numbingly spicy' feature is addictive and the main reason for its popularity. Give it a try!

Translated by Jelena Kitamura

Written by Inubushi Yoshiyuki

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Although spicy ramen is an ever present part of the menu at many restaurants, today we would like to show you a special, somewhat peculiar ramen dish, whose name pretty much speaks for itself: the “numbingly spicy miso ramen” of Ikebukuro’s Karashibi Miso Ramen restaurant, Kikanbo. It has already won the hearts of many overseas customers, so they’ve recently opened a restaurant in Taiwan, too.

Kikanbo won’t fail to satisfy both those who are in the search of something different and unusual, and the ones who just want to have themselves a good old bowl of delicious ramen.

An Oni-Style Ambience


You’ll find Kikanbo to be quite easily reachable, as it is located at a six minute walk from the east exit of Ikebukuro Station, in the vicinity of couple of well-known shopping facilities, such as Sunshine City Ikebukuro and Tokyu Hands Ikebukuro. That way you can visit this extraordinary restaurant on your way to do some shopping (or afterwards). You’ll notice the restaurant itself right away, trust us – it has large golden letters and a huge spiked club-like object on it.


Upon entering the restaurant, the first thing to catch your attention will certainly be the extraordinary ambiance overflowing with the oni-related (*1) objects. It might even make you shiver. The mystique atmosphere is made even more viciously thrilling by the sound of Japanese traditional drums (wadaiko) coming from the speakers. 

There are ten counter seats available for enjoying both the taste and the looks of the food since the dishes are prepared right in front of the customers, in style, if we may add! Imagine watching the chefs taking care of your chosen dish while handling the flames like true fire-masters! Just what you’d expect from the chefs of the oni-kingdom!

*1 Oni: scary monsters (devils) appearing in traditional Japanese stories and myths.

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