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Ikebukuro PARCO: The Forefront of Japanese Fashion

Ikebukuro PARCO: The Forefront of Japanese Fashion

Translated by Verity Lane

Written by Keisuke Yamada

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An introduction to some fashion outlets found at Ikebukuro PARCO, the flagship store for PARCO .

Ikebukuro: an area that garners much attention in terms of shopping and good restaurants from visitors to Japan. It is even known overseas as a downtown area, and is placed side by side with the likes of Shinjuku and Shibuya. Having an indoor theme park, aquarium and Sunshine City, as well as electronic retail stores, and shopping facilities connected to the station, make this place a popular hotspot.

Do you know about one particular women's shopping facility, located just a minute's walk from the station amidst the throng? This is Ikebukuro PARCO, and we will be covering this store in this article.

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What is Ikebukuro PARCO?

Ikebukuro PARCO is the flagship store for PARCO, a fashion complex that has various stores nationwide. It's also the very first PARCO built in Japan. Just a minute's walk from Ikebukuro Station's East Exit, and access has never been so easy. It's popular with men and women alike.

So without further ado, let's take a look at the stores aimed at female customers found within this fashion complex.

1. Samantha Thavasa

Samantha Thavasa is a Japanese bag brand. The bags on sale here combine both elegance and casual, with a twist of cuteness (Japanese "Kawai"). From staple colours, to more vivid tones coupled with accent shades, the bountiful colour variation is a characteristic of this brand, drawing in customers of all ages.

2. Lily Brown

With a concept of vintage meets future attire, Lily Brown designs are both warm and creative, conveying retro elements that easily fall into the contemporary fashion bracket. A unique selection of items are put together that feature both a daring color scheme, and details that are easy on the eye.

Such amazing clothes that will make you both positive and upbeat just by wearing them! Please check out this store at Ikebukuro PARCO.

3. Salon de Balcony

Salon de Balcony is a fashion brand for the mature woman. The dresses and pants are made from exquisite fabrics, and make for a fine silhouette. This design offers a fine range of high-quality items that make you feel elegant, but can also be worn on a daily basis.

Jewelry, organic cosmetics, imported bags, shoes, stoles and accessories of the highest quality spice up the store, which incidentally, provides a comfortable salon-like space.


With the theme being "elegant, mature woman", AUJOURDHUI is a specialist store that offers a wide variety of accessories, from both on-point fashion trends to your staple must-have items.

It's a one-stop shop for fashion for teenagers, more mature woman,  and those who are fashion conscious.

5. Furifu

Furifu is a Japanese specialty shop where you can pick up kimonos and kimono accessories. Not only do they deal in kimonos, clothes and general goods, you can also enjoy the spirit of Japan.

The fashionable Japanese-style items of Furifu, which are laid out so that they can be readily enjoyed, are a complete must-see.

Though there are many stores where you can experience the traditional Japanese vibe in Tokyo, there are big differences in quality between the different places. At Ikeburo PARCO the Japan-inspired items combine a mixture of tradition with a modern twist, together with high quality. How about looking for your own Japan-inspired item?

6. Kutsushita-ya

Kutsushita-ya (meaning "sock shop") is a specialist retailer that deals in nothing but Japanese made socks. With a fit that makes you feel like you have nothing on your feet, they are dedicated to making contemporary designs with durable fabrics.

These tights are a big hit with women. While still paying attention to quality, they offer a range of socks in different colors, so they are often purchased by visitors to Japan.

There are also patterned socks sold for the reasonable price of three for 1,000 yen. With high quality fabrics, great designs and prices, you will not fail to find something that suits you. Go on and check this place out!

Plenty of Shops That Will Satisfy Any Female Shopper


At Ikebukuro PARCO, there are lots of other brand shops that operate in the complex. For example, the furniture and overall general goods store, Francfranc, is one of them. At Francfranc they offer a selection of high quality goods that will fill you with joy every time you use them. They are also reasonably priced.

Humidifiers go on sale between the seasons of autumn and winter, which are both popular with Japanese and non-Japanese alike. There is a large range in size and colour, so how about dropping into PARCO and having a look?


There are also outlets that sell cosmetics, including mascara and nail goods at PARCO. It's a large space, with a huge variety of products, so you can browse at your leisure.

If you are planning on going shopping, I would recommend going on a comparatively less crowded weekday morning.


Ikebukuro PARCO

Address:1−28−2 Minami-Ikebukuro,Toshima-ku, Tokyo-to
Opening Times:10:00-21:00
Closed:Open year round (except over the New Year period)
Credit Card Information:VISA、Master card、JCB、AMERICAN EXPRESS、Diners club INTERNATIONAL、DISCOVER、Union pay
Nearest Station:JR Ikebukuro Station
Access:Exit from Ikebukuro Station's East Exit. It's a 1 minute walk from there (JR Yamanote Line・Saikyo Line・Shonan-Shinjuku line・Tojo Main Line・[Tokyo Metro] Marunouchi Line/Yurakucho Line/Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line・[Seibu]Ikebukuro Line)

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