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Not To Be Missed In Enoshima: Tobiccho's No.1 Shirasudon Rice Bowl!

Not To Be Missed In Enoshima: Tobiccho's No.1 Shirasudon Rice Bowl!

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The most celebrated gourmet dish of Enoshima certainly is shirasudon, with many restaurants serving it to visitors. Today we will introduce one restaurant that has the best shirasudon in the area - Shirasu Wholesaler Tobiccho Main Store.

Translated by Jelena Kitamura

Written by Naoko Matsumoto

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Welcome to Enoshima, the famous tourist spot in Fujisawa in Kanagawa prefecture. One particular dish is representative of this island, and well-known throughout the country – shirasudon, a bowl of cooked rice with heaps of young of sardines boiled in salted water on top of it. It is a savory dish with a salty kick that will bring the true taste of seafood to mind and is the most celebrated specialty of Enoshima and the Shonan area.

So today we will be introducing one of Enoshima’s many restaurants offering this shirasu specialty, but one that is exceptionally popular with the visitors – Shirasu Wholesaler Tobiccho Main Store (Shirasu Tonya Tobiccho Honten in Japanese).

You’ll find the main store of Tobiccho if you cross the bridge connecting Enoshima with the center of Fujisawa, or Bentenbashi, and walk for only a minute after you step onto Enoshima. You won’t miss it, especially on the weekends – there usually is an enormous line of customers in front of the store right before noon.

Top 3 Donburi Dishes at Tobiccho

Of course, when talking about Tobiccho’s most loved menu items, there must be a special place for kamaage shirasudon (890 yen). To name the first, and the most obvious difference that sets this particular shirasudon apart from all other shirasudon dishes out there must be the size of the bowl! That dish size won't leave anyone feeling indifferent to it, that's for sure – we were greatly surprised ourselves when the dish made its glorious appearance.

Another trait of Tobiccho’s donburi dishes, and shirasudon dish as well, is the shredded daikon (radish), carrots, and other vegetables in it, making the bowl look even more delightful and delicious. It was a wonderful discovery how the crispy vegetables go hand in hand with the deliciousness of the cooked rice and young sardines. It made us forget all about our previous surprise at the size of it, and revel in its taste.

The trick is to compliment with a special ponzu (*2) made for shirasu-type dishes! And you can choose between a raw egg and an onsen egg (*3) to add to the flavor.

*2 Ponzu: a soy sauce-based seasoning with some kind of citrus juice in it.
*3 Onsen egg: an egg boiled in a mildly hot water (similar temperature to that at an onsen), with a soft-boiled yolk and a hard-boiled egg white.

If you’re up for relishing all of the wonders and goods the sea has to offer, you might want to consider the tobicchodon (1750 yen), which is as easy on the eyes as it is on the taste buds. With all that seafood goodness used to prepare it, such as salmon roe and eel, this dish holds the title of Tobiccho’s No.1 recommendation.

For those who are not on first name terms with raw fish dishes, we recommend kaisen kakiagedon (1100 yen). The deep-fried mixture of vegetables and seafood (kakiage,*4) is served with a special salty-sweet sauce poured over it, and the essential shirasu topping. The crunchy sensation of the just-fried vegetables, combined with the salty-sweet sauce is bound to enhance your cravings for more – it is a dish to remember and come back to regularly.

*4 Kakiage: seafood and vegetables cut into small pieces, coated with a thin paste of flour and water, then deep-fried in oil.

Clever Reservation Methods to Save the Day during the Weekends’ Swarm!

It isn’t at all surprising that during the holidays or the busy seasons, there is a good chance of you waiting to order or for your meal to arrive upon coming to the ever-so-popular Tobiccho.

However, we have great news for all of you who want to make full use of your time and the benefits of the modern age – it is possible to make a prior, internet reservation at Tobiccho. If you already have decided on the day of your visit, you can make a reservation online and save yourself some time without waiting in the line to get in for too long.


If you haven’t made a prior reservation, you will have to use the reception machines installed in the store. After you’ve finished the reception process, you can take a stroll around Enoshima and come back to the restaurant later.

Tobiccho’s Menu Available in English, too!


You can see what kind of menu items Tobiccho offers to their customers by taking a look at the showcase displayed at the store – getting a look at the dishes before you order might be an easier way for you to decide, making the whole ordering process run much quicker and smoother.

There is also an English menu available for their customers from other countries, so feel free to ask the staff if you have any questions. Other than English, the menu is available in Chinese and Korean, too.



Enoshima is widely known for numerous tourist spots that attract people from all places. And one of those places you just shouldn’t miss is Shirasu Wholesaler Tobiccho.

If the road takes you to Enoshima, don’t hesitate to pay this much-loved restaurant a visit as well. Just browsing the store that offers such a variety of shirasu products is fun on its own, we promise!


Shirasu Wholesaler Tobiccho Main Store
Address: Kanagawa, Fujisawa, Enoshima 1-6-7
Hours: 11:00-20:00 (last order)
Fixed Holidays: Not fixed
WiFi: None
Accepted Credit Cards: None
Language: Japanese
Menu/Pamphlets in Other Languages: English
Nearest Station: Katase-Enoshima Station of Odakyu Electric Railway Enoshima Line; Enoshima Station of Enoshima Dentetsu Line
Access: 10 minute walk from Katase-Enoshima Station of Odakyu Electric Railway Enoshima Line
Price: 890-1750 yen (donburi dishes’ prices)
Phone Number: 0466-23-0041
Website: Shirasu Wholesaler Tobiccho Main Store (Japanese)

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