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5 Places You Must Visit In Akihabara! A Tour With A Thai Student

5 Places You Must Visit In Akihabara! A Tour With A Thai Student

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Well known by both Japanese and tourists alike, Akihabara can be quite daunting. Tour the electric town from the eyes of a Thai student!


A part of the city that Japanese people have already gotten used to seeing might be considered refreshing and special by tourists.

In this article we will present Akihabara as seen from a foreigner's unique perspective while strolling down the streets of Akihabara, emphasizing how this perspective differs from the Japanese view on this city.


Today we will have Ginny walk through Akihabara. Ginny is a university student hailing from Thailand. She is a 24-year old girl who loves Japanese anime like Pokemon and Sailor Moon.

Ginny: Akihabara looked really fun when it was shown on a Japanese television program, so I thought I should come here at least once!

The program that Ginny watched was Tokyo Eye 2020, broadcast by NHK World TV (日本放送協会, Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai).

This article introduces five places you should definitely visit when coming to Akihabara, including places featured in Tokyo Eye 2020. Without further ado, let us set forth for the town of Akihabara.

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