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5 Places You Must Visit In Akihabara! A Tour With A Thai Student

5 Places You Must Visit In Akihabara! A Tour With A Thai Student

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Well known by both Japanese and tourists alike, Akihabara can be quite daunting. Tour the electric town from the eyes of a Thai student!

Spot 1. Yodobashi-Akiba

Ginny: First up is shopping! In Akihabara there is a large variety of Japanese consumer electronics.

Indeed, Akihabara is Japan's largest electric town (denki-gai 電気街), with both Japanese and tourists coming here in droves looking to buy electric appliances.


Ginny decided to visit the immense, towering electronic retailer located right in front of Akihabara station, Yodobashi-Akiba, as her first stop. Boasting a comprehensive range of goods, it is the largest single household electric appliance store in Akihabara.


To get to Yodobashi-Akiba, you use the Central Exit of Akihabara Station, which differs from to the one leading into the electric town.

Ginny: I wonder what sorts of goods do tourists buy in here?

We enquired deputy manager Mr. Kuramochi who will guide us today.

According to him, the floor selling toys is surprisingly popular among tourists. Tourists seem to hold a strong image of Akihabara being the town of anime and manga. Having reached an Akihabara electrical store, most people buy toys and figurines before heading back home.


Ginny: This anime is popular even in Thailand!

The broadcast of Japan's anime and live-action films abroad is often delayed by six months to a year. Fans wanting to quickly get their hands on anime-related goods buy loads of them.

One can check on Yodobashi Camera's stocks and supply via internet, and it seems that many tourists do so to reserve products before coming to Japan and purchasing them directly from the shop.


The appeal of a Japanese electronic retail store is indeed its vast range of products. Akihabara in particular is home to such large-scale shops like Yodobashi-Akiba.

From stockings to beauty products, these shops also deal in merchandise aside from electric appliances, which can be taken as a souvenir.


Ginny: We do not have such large-scale shops in Thailand. It seems to be a place where you can buy anything under the sun!


From robot vacuum cleaners to air purifiers, an extensive array of products popular with tourists is to be found here.


Aside from shopping, there is free Wi-Fi is available for use, as well as currency exchange services in Yodobashi-Akiba. This place is indeed well-equipped to deal with foreign customers.

This shopping spot, conceived to be tourist friendly, is a place where one can enjoy shopping without any worries.

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