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5 Places You Must Visit In Akihabara! A Tour With A Thai Student

5 Places You Must Visit In Akihabara! A Tour With A Thai Student

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Well known by both Japanese and tourists alike, Akihabara can be quite daunting. Tour the electric town from the eyes of a Thai student!

Spot 3. Super Potato


The next place in our itinerary is a shop that handles retro-games, Super Potato Akihabara.


This shop sells various video games that remind the Japanese of their childhood days.


Ginny: There are games that I used to play when I was a child!


On the highest floor there is a game center, full of arcade game machines that have enjoyed great popularity in the past.


Ginny: There are old games that I couldn't play when I was a child, so I enjoyed the feeling of going back into the past.


Reference article: Treat Your Inner Child to Nostalgia at Super Potato Akihabara

Spot 4. Gachapon Kaikan


Capsule toys that can be bought with just a few coins, containing unique, individually-crafted figurines, are one of Japan's characteristic toys. They are called Gachapon or Gacha-gacha.

Gachapon Kaikan (ガチャポン会館) is a specialty shop in Akihabara where you can enjoy such capsule toys to your heart's content.

Ginny: Capsule toys are rare in Thailand, so I'm looking forward to it.


The shop is jam-packed with capsule toy machines.


Ginny: There are goods of my favorite anime, "Sailor Moon"!


She tried her hand at one of the machines. It sells capsule toys with Gudetama, which is a popular character even in Thailand.


Ginny got a cute key holder of a character that hides in a rice ball (※1).

Ginny: It's cheap and small, perfect as a souvenir.

*1 Rice ball: Onigiri in Japanese. Cooked rice encasing a tasty morsel, shaped by hand and wrapped with nori seaweed; it is Japan's portable food.

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